October 2021 Staffing Compliance Digest

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Welcome to the Staffing Compliance Digest! This regular update contains the latest news about federal and state compliance rules and regulations that are relevant to staffing firms.* If you’re concerned about keeping your company compliant, keep reading or click below to scroll down to an update that’s relevant to your business.

  • Notable Compliance News and Resources
  • ICYMI: What’s Recently Gone into Effect
  • Coming Soon: What to Prepare for in the Coming Months
  • Bullhorn Product Compliance Spotlight

Notable Compliance News and Resources

Report: 46% of Firms to Require Vaccinations: 

About half of companies plan vaccine mandates, according to a survey by Gartner mandates are legally permissible. It is anticipated that more firms will likely institute mandates by the end of the year.

Webinar: ACA Compliance Panel: Lessons Learned From Five Years of Employer Mandate Enforcement:

The American Staffing Association recently held a webinar on key takeaways for ACA compliance. Watch it here. Note: Must be an ASA member to watch. “In this webinar, Marco Nunez of Essential StaffCARE moderates a panel discussion—including such topics as who is considered an applicable large employer, which employees are eligible, whether new hires are considered full-time or variable hour, how quickly an offer of coverage needs to be made, who gets a 1095-C form, and what the penalties are for failing to provide employee notifications or IRS reporting.”

Guide: Top Compliance Considerations for the Entire Recruitment Process: 

Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you build and develop your compliance strategy, from winning new clients to recruiting and engaging with candidates to billing/invoicing and paying workers. Plus, learn how Bullhorn can assist with your overall compliance strategy, including how Bullhorn’s team of experts works to help your firm stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory updates.

ICYMI: What’s Recently Gone into Effect

The following regulations and laws have gone into effect as of October 2021. Source: SHRM

Coming Soon: What to Prepare for in the Coming Months

The following will be taking effect in the coming months. Source: SHRM

Bullhorn Product Compliance Spotlight: Bullhorn Onboarding365

Meet government, client, and agency compliance standards with the ability to customize forms and workflows, automate form population, and keep required forms up-to-date. Built-in I-9 and E-Verify, plus 95+ other standard documents, help you manage onboarding requirements all in one platform. With secure access and standardized compliance, you can be fully audit-ready to meet USCIS standards.


*Bullhorn provides the information in this Digest “as is” without any kind of warranty. Bullhorn expressly disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, as to the accuracy, integrity, and quality of the information to the maximum extent permitted by law. Please view the information contained in this digest as informational only. It’s not legal advice and you shouldn’t rely on it for compliance purposes. Bullhorn doesn’t offer any advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about you or your company’s specific legal situation or compliance or any possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, or strategies applicable to you or your business. We strongly recommend you review your local, state, and federal laws, and consult with your legal counsel regarding compliance-related content included in this digest. We believe the information contained in this digest is accurate as of the publish date and Bullhorn doesn’t have an obligation to update the information.

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