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sourcebreaker by bullhorn

Get ready to change the way you search. As announced at Engage Boston, Bullhorn acquired SourceBreaker, the market-leading solution that transforms the way you find clients and candidates. Trusted by over 700 customers globally, SourceBreaker supercharges talent sourcing and lead generation. 

By harnessing the power of AI and automation, SourceBreaker by Bullhorn can revolutionize the way you find jobs and candidates, accelerate your business and talent pipeline, and help you stand out from the competition. 

Here’s how you can extend the value of your Bullhorn investment with SourceBreaker’s market-leading search and match capabilities.

Outpacing the competition

The staffing landscape in 2023 is competitive. The current market conditions are unique, with agencies facing a paradox of client and candidate shortages not seen before. According to this year’s GRID Industry Trends Report this year is all about clients – both winning and retaining them. However, the 2,000+ respondents reported that job requisitions are becoming more scarce and more challenging. Taking a reactive approach and constantly monitoring for new job leads puts firms at risk of getting beaten out by the competition.

When it comes to filling jobs, finding the right candidate is half the battle. Our GRID Industry Trends Report, also found that staffing professionals are struggling to find quality talent for roles – and this is a top obstacle in retaining their current clients. It’s no longer just a matter of filling jobs; clients demand top-tier talent. 

As Matt Fischer said in this year’s Vision for Innovation keynote at Engage Boston, in this new competitive landscape, firms need to differentiate themselves through speed, quality, and flexibility

“In order to be fast, flexible, and deliver high quality, your tech strategy needs to support that.”

– Matt Fischer, President and COO, Bullhorn

To retain business and beat the competition, firms need to find new jobs faster and fill them with top-level talent, all while decreasing costs. How can you find the most promising leads and candidates first? This is where SourceBreaker by Bullhorn can make all the difference.

Revolutionizing how firms search

Driven by its powerful smart search technology and sales intelligence suite, SourceBreaker by Bullhorn is already changing the game for candidates, clients, and recruiters.

Source top-quality candidates, faster

SourceBreaker by Bullhorn searches across a multitude of sourcing platforms to compile a list of top-level talent. Driven by its unique AI-powered query builder, it finds the best candidates for the role based on job title and keyword variants, synonyms, acronyms, and pre-built company lists. Plus, you can save and share your top searches across all of your sources and use them whenever needed, making rookies as good as the most experienced recruiters when it comes to candidate sourcing.

“SouceBreaker is always my first stop when I am sourcing a candidate. I was recently looking to fill an EA role. It was my first time working an EA role, so I was hesitant about what boolean to create. Thankfully, SourceBreaker helped me through and helped me find quality candidates. The process was headache free!”

Ivana Markovic, Recruiting Specialist ll, Contemporary Staffing Solutions


sourcebreaker by bullhorn


Win new business ahead of the competition

Never miss a job order again. Discover new opportunities as soon as they’re available across all of your sources, with SourceBreaker by Bullhorn’s sales intelligence suite picking up all relevant jobs across your market. 

Have fresh leads at the ready – and even proactively prospect – so you can keep your clients satisfied. Additionally, SourceBreaker by Bullhorn powers your team with up-to-the-minute industry insights so your team can make the most strategic decisions possible at any given moment.

If you’re looking to break into new markets, SourceBreaker has you covered. The lead search function combined with business intelligence insights helps you to scope out fresh opportunities, even in areas outside your traditional expertise.

“Before SourceBreaker, I was struggling with business development. I was finding that by the time I had gotten to a lot of clients, they already had hundreds of recruiters reaching out to them. With SourceBreaker, I am notified the second that my biggest client posts a job. With my tailored alerts, I already have a backlog of candidates to spec in. SourceBreaker has sped up our process, allowing us to bill $75,000 to that client within six months.”

– Jamie Halliwell, Senior USA EPC Specialist, Samuel Knight

Don’t miss any opportunities

Slow processes and manual workflows result in a lack of reactivity when new jobs or candidates come on the market. Boost productivity with SourceBreaker by Bullhorn’s automated searches, cut down on time-consuming manual work, and improve your team’s workflows. Plus, with reduced time spent on manual tasks, you’ll give recruiters time back in their days, increasing retainment.

When it comes to finding the very best candidates, uncovering the most promising business development opportunities, and making the most of your technology investment, SourceBreaker by Bullhorn ensures you’ll leave no stone unturned.

“I wanted to give my team the best product in the market to do their job – I genuinely believe SourceBreaker is that product.

– Andy Heyes, Managing Director, Harvey Nash

To learn more about how you can integrate SourceBreaker by Bullhorn with your business, sign up for our webinar or reach out to your Bullhorn Account Manager.

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