Staffing News Roundup: January 2019

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Want to stay up-to-date on staffing trends and news without the hassle? Welcome to the Staffing News Roundup, a curation of notable reports, blogs, and news updates relevant to staffing firms. Here are some top highlights from the previous month. Read the December roundup here.

Creative Staffing to Grow to $1.6 Billion in 2019

The staffing industry continues to grow, but all sector aren’t created equal. One sector that’s growing at an especially rapid rate is the relatively young sphere of marketing/creative staffing.evenue in this space is expected to grow 7% in the US to $1.6 billion this year, according to Staffing Industry Analysts.

High-demand roles include content developers, email marketing specialists, and social media managers. The report notes a particularly high demand for social media specialists, which will continue to grow as more companies embrace social media as a core part of their marketing strategy.


“Looking ahead, the projected growth in marketing budgets for the next 10 years and the high demand for digital marketing and social media marketing skills suggest increasing opportunities for marketing/creative staffing.” — Sreedevi Thiyagarajan, Staffing Industry Analysts, Marketing/Creative Staffing Growth Assessment


Compensation Counts For a Lot

Candidates often select jobs for reasons that go far beyond compensation and benefits. Staffing firms and employers often rely on these intangibles when the compensation for a position may not be its selling point. The bad news? Compensation and benefits are still overwhelmingly the most important factor for selecting an employer, according to new research from Randstad. This is true regardless of generation and gender.

Overall, two out of three workers say that a strong benefits and perks package is the most important factor when considering a job offer and 82 percent expect pay raises every year in order for them to stay at their current companies.

While these other factors certainly still matter a great deal, this data serves as an important reminder that competitive pay is still an essential part of placing candidates. Staffing firms certainly agree: 79 percent believe employers need to accelerate pay in order to compete for qualified candidates, according to new research from Bullhorn.


“More than a fifth of Americans turn down more job offers today than they did five years ago. And the primary reason they’re declining these offers? The pay is simply too low.”— Randstad 2019 Salary Guide


U.S. Hiring Outlook is at a 12 Year High


Staffing employment has been steady in 2018, but what does the future hold? ManpowerGroup released their Q1 2019 Employment Outlook Survey Results, and the results look largely positive for staffing professionals. ManpowerGroup surveyed over 60,000 employers globally—and over 12,000 employers in the US. Check out the top findings for 44 countries here. Here’s a sampling of the results:

  • Delaware, Idaho, and Hawaii reported the strongest jobs outlook for Q1 2019
  • 94 percent of U.S. Employers plan to keep their workforce level steady or hire
    • 23 percent plan to hire
    • 71 percent plan to keep their workforce level steady
  • U.S. and Japan reported their strongest hiring intentions in over a decade
  • Transportation, Mining, and Leisure & Hospitality are the industries with the strongest jobs outlook


“Increased employer optimism tells us employers have jobs to fill, yet we know they are struggling to find the talent they need from production line workers to IT professionals.”—Becky Frankiewicz, ManpowerGroup North America, ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Results


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