Founded in 1998 in Hampshire, England, aap3 Recruitment is an REC and APSCO accredited recruitment agency owned and run by experienced technical IT professionals. Aap3 focuses on permanent and contract needs across a variety of industries in the UK and EMEA region. Aap3, which services local businesses to global enterprises, has been working with Bullhorn since 2012.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting Bullhorn ATS & CRM, aap3 was using EZAccess, an old and clunky system that didn’t utilize cloud technology. According to Lucy Webb, aap3 Recruitment’s Account Director in the Defence, Aerospace, and Cyber Security sectors, “It was everything Bullhorn isn’t.” Lucy, who has been with aap3 Recruitment for 11 years, explains that with EZAccess, no two parts of the recruitment process were linked together, costing aap3 hours of work and adding frustration to the process. “Now, with Bullhorn,” says Lucy, “it’s a quick and seamless process.”

The Solution

Bullhorn ATS & CRM saves aap3 Recruitment time through every step of the recruitment cycle. Features such as Bullhorn’s mass mailing and search functionality saves aap3’s team at least five hours each week.  According to Lucy, Bullhorn creates smoother collaboration between stakeholders. “It’s easier to search with Bullhorn, it’s a really good tool for tracking where we are within the process,” explained Lucy. “The ability to store files on client records, vacancy information, internal description functions, and notes means that we don’t need to have the same conversations again with hiring managers.” With Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Lucy can pick up where she left off. If a job vacancy reopens down the line, it’s incredibly easy for recruiters to begin submitting resumes immediately.

It’s easier to search with Bullhorn, it’s a really good tool for tracking where we are within the process.
Lucy Webb aap3 Recruitment

Bullhorn has also decreased the need for email, allowing users to communicate through the system rather than flooding their inboxes. With this functionality, aap3 can keep their candidates updated through every step of the recruitment cycle.

More Powerful Reporting

According to Lucy, Bullhorn doesn’t just improve communication—it also enables better insight into business through its reporting capabilities. Before Bullhorn, there was a disconnect in aap3’s reporting process. Today, Lucy and her team can keep track of abnormalities and trends on a weekly basis. “If we send over a lot of CVs and we’re not having a good success rate, it’s easy to see that from a reporting standpoint,” she says, “You can then go back and see if the job requirements have changed, or monitor the quality of the CVs and change course if need be.” By recognizing these trends and anomalies, aap3 can take action proactively; looking at this data allows recruiters to reassess the quality of CVs and go back to the hiring manager to see if anything should be rectified. For Lucy, “It’s incredibly valuable to our business to be able to see trends in real-time and course-correct.” Access to Bullhorn’s reporting capabilities means that aap3 can sit down on a weekly basis and assess whether certain items are on track or have fallen by the wayside.

The Results

Since adopting Bullhorn ATS & CRM, aap3 has saved hours of work, improved communication, and elevated the client and candidate experience. Introducing new users into the system is a smooth and streamlined process, ensuring that there is consistency across the aap3 team. Before Bullhorn ATS & CRM, aap3 would face complaints from team members experiencing a loss of productivity or revenue due to inefficient technology. Today, recruiters are able to ramp up quickly and find unparalleled success within the Bullhorn system.

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