The challenge: 

Prior to using Bullhorn One and the Bullhorn Talent Platform, Atlas MedStaff was operating out of fragmented systems and had a difficult time scaling. These separate systems also resulted in a tedious onboarding process for candidates. Atlas MedStaff was looking for an end-to-end solution that would keep all of their data in one place.

The solution: 

Atlas MedStaff chose to implement Bullhorn One and the Bullhorn Talent Platform.

The results:

Bullhorn One enables the Atlas MedStaff team to be more efficient.  According to Smith, “Without Bullhorn One and the partnership that we have with Bullhorn, I don’t think we would have grown as quickly as we did. I believe that under any other system, it would have slowed us down.”

The Bullhorn Talent Platform has improved the candidate experience, eliminates the need for manual admin work. “The Talent Platform automates the menial tasks, and gives the recruiter the boiled down information. It gives them the stuff that is really going to make their job better,” said Smith. With the Bullhorn Talent Platform, Atlas MedStaff’s recruiters can focus their time on building relationships with candidates.

From the very beginning with the [Bullhorn] Talent Platform, all the way through to time and expense, that front to back offering all looks like one cohesive unit. That was something I didn't think was possible. I thought we would have to build it in house. We did not. We got it here, through Bullhorn. 
Rich Smith Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer, Atlas MedStaff

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