The challenge: 

Prior to using Bullhorn for Salesforce, Catalyte had a homegrown staffing system. According to Paola Kulsrud, Senior Director of On-Demand Operations, Catalyte, their staffing system was becoming “antiquated,” and they were seeing data loss on a daily basis. Meanwhile, their sales team was seeing success using the Salesforce platform. The Catalyte team wanted to make a change over to an ATS system that also tied into the Salesforce platform.

The solution: 

Catalyte chose to implement Bullhorn for Salesforce as their ATS system.

The results:

Bullhorn for Salesforce has given Catalyte the tools necessary to be a more proactive team. “I would say the benefits are we are much less reactive today and we are much more proactive,” said Kulsrud. “We are able to see the trends, and we’re seeing the revenue go down for Q4, then we can be proactive to fix something. If we are seeing that one account is doing really well and bringing us more revenue, we can jump on that a little bit more.” With Bullhorn for Salesforce, Catalyte has the visibility they need to pivot their focus to the areas that matter.

As far as customization goes for Bullhorn for Salesforce, one of the key pieces was 'Search and Match.' It is our secret sauce. It is how we are able to find the right person for the right project and the right client.
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Paola Kulsrud Senior Director of On-Demand Operations, Catalyte

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