Execusource is a leading staffing and consulting firm with deep-rooted knowledge in finance, accounting, IT, and healthcare professions. Founded in 1998 in Atlanta, the firm has, to date, placed more than 5,000 professionals with over 200 mid-sized to billion-dollar organizations in the Atlanta area. Their relationship-driven philosophy has helped them steadily grow their business over the years to become a leader in human capital management. To keep up with their growing needs, Execusource started using Bullhorn in 2016. Most recently, they transitioned to Bullhorn Onboarding365. We spoke with William Smith, HR Generalist, and Joseph Diaz, HR Controller, to discuss Execusource’s onboarding experience and initial takeaways from the migration to the new solution.

The Challenge

Exexusource previously used Bullhorn Onboarding for their onboarding needs, reporting overall success for their team, their candidates, and their clients. Aside from some grievances over the lack of mobile optimization, all parties found Bullhorn Onboarding to be intuitive, smooth, and simple to use, sufficiently meeting Execusource’s needs of the time and providing vast workflow improvements.

The onboarding process, however, became increasingly challenging for Execusource in the past year, due to their fast-paced growth and recent market changes. The onboarding complexity on the back end is strongly contingent on the level of candidate engagement on the front end and, recently, this engagement has plummeted. One theory is that candidate burnout from the last year led to a lack of engagement and increased manual errors during the onboarding process. Another theory is that user experience challenges were amplified by the lack of mobile capabilities. The Execusource team found themselves spending more of their time managing the onboarding process, with an estimated 65-80% of their week occupied by onboarding tasks specifically. On top of the typically time-consuming aspects of onboarding — E-Verify, insurance, etc. — the team was dedicating an additional ~10-20 hours a week on document revision — manual updates, sending reminders, and correcting mistakes.

3.5 avg. days (65-80% of time) for agencies to complete onboarding tasks
Includes sending reminder emails, E-verify, insurance, etc.
Plus, ~10-20 hours a week spent on document revision

The challenges that Execusource experienced across candidate engagement, margins of error, and user experience were amplified by the business’ recent success and growth. As they began to open up locations across the country, and especially as they expanded their portfolio to include serving healthcare clients, the onboarding workload became unsustainable. As the scope of clients and candidates grew, so too did the scope of the existing challenges; Execusource needed an onboarding solution that scaled with their business.

Scaling Onboarding Technology to Keep up with Business Growth

The newly launched Bullhorn Onboarding365 offered the perfect answer: a next-generation onboarding solution that addressed the growing needs of the business while allowing Execusource to remain on the platform they had grown to trust. Bullhorn Onboarding365 is the combination of eStaff365’s enterprise-grade functionality integrated with Bullhorn’s unmatched, experience-centered platform.

With functionality that automates tedious tasks and simplifies the workflow to reduce the margin of error and duplication of work, the Bullhorn Onboarding365 makes the agency’s workflow efficient and gets candidates on assignment faster, all while streamlining and greatly improving the overall candidate onboarding process.

Execusource chose to implement Bullhorn Onboarding365 for its efficiency, accessibility, and polished user experience, noting, “easier for candidates means easier for us!” When looking ahead to implementation, the team was most eager for the mobile-friendly web forms and robust document library, which they knew would reduce manual work and increase speed and accuracy.

When you have 30 people who start onboarding in a week, making individual, manual edits is super time-consuming. Bullhorn Onboarding365's web forms will help us ensure the correct information is always collected, reducing the margin for error and giving us valuable time back from behind-the-curtain.

The Next-Generation of Onboarding Solutions

Even though they are in early stages post-implementation, Execusource is already reporting overwhelming success. From the get-go, the team has felt the impact the newly efficient onboarding process has had on their workflow as a whole.

Execusource has seen a decrease in average time to complete onboarding tasks, most notably expressing gratitude for the newfound “free” time gained back from having fewer manual revisions to manage. Whereas previously they spent a debilitating 10-20 average hours a week on addressing documentation issues, the combination of the highly-anticipated web forms and document library have reduced the margin of error.

The internal Execusource team members are not the only ones feeling the benefits; candidates have also noticed a vast improvement in their onboarding experience. Now, instead of fumbling their way through the time-consuming back-and-forth of confusing paperwork, candidates can easily onboard when and where they want, using the all-in-one, mobile solution, meaning more completions and happier clients.

Though Execusource anticipated success with Bullhorn Onboarding365, the execution of the features they required to compete in the rapidly changing market has far surpassed their expectations. As the integration progresses, Execusource finds itself with more time saved, happy candidates and clients, and reassurance that they are meeting compliance requirements. Looking ahead, the team is excited to redistribute their reclaimed time to focus on establishing relationships and further growing their business.

The user experience is what our candidates now demand - it’s intuitive, polished, and flexible enough to be used on-the-go. As a result, not only do we build a professional and experienced reputation, but the improved UX makes the onboarding process easier for the candidate and, in turn, easier for us.

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