HCS Healthcare is a specialized national healthcare workforce solutions firm that provides its clients with top-quality candidates. HCS Healthcare sources everything from staff to executive-level candidates in clinical and non-clinical roles.

The Challenge

In an effort to make themselves stand out from other healthcare staffing firms, the HCS Healthcare team started looking for ways to enhance their offering by including candidates who had been fully reference checked for faster placements. But inefficient reference processes meant their recruiters spent too much time manually tracking down references over the phone, completing reference feedback forms, and uploading the finished reports into their system.

“These inefficiencies meant that we couldn’t do reference checks on all candidates. We could only do them at the time of placement,” said Gilda Juarez, Operations Manager for HCS Healthcare.

The Solution

In 2015, HCS selected SkillSurvey Reference to automate the process. The team integrated SkillSurvey Reference with their Bullhorn ATS & CRM to further streamline and accelerate the hiring process. The combined solution allows recruiters to request a reference check from within one application, which only takes about a minute of their time, and the system automatically updates once references respond. Recruiters are then notified by email when a candidate is ready to finalize and move to the next stage of the interview process.

HCS Healthcare helps its clients fill a myriad of positions. Because each position requires different skills from the candidates, HCS is able to choose from the more than 170 job-specific surveys SkillSurvey has to offer, including patient financial services representatives and RN case managers.

References provide feedback on observed job-related behaviors, as well as include additional comments on a candidate’s strengths and any areas of improvement he or she observed. Since the process is so fast and easy, HCS can conduct a reference check as soon as a candidate is pre-screened, regardless of whether they have been placed.

“Using SkillSurvey,” said Gilda, “We can now check references for five to six candidates at once, rather than only two or three. By providing our clients with the answers to open-ended questions, we make it easier for them to determine who might be the best fit for their culture. And we can check references for every candidate in our database, which means they’re ready to be placed. That speeds up our process significantly.”

With SkillSurvey, we can do reference checks for all positions—whether they’re customer service, sales reps, registered nurses, and everything in between. That puts our clients’ minds at ease.
Gilda Juarez HCS Healthcare

The Results

Faster responses, faster hiring.

HCS Healthcare has utilized many of the benefits SkillSurvey Reference provides. The SkillSurvey Reference solution is also mobile-enabled, leading to faster responses from references. In the healthcare industry, most references only have a few minutes during breaks or lunch, so reaching them via the telephone can be very challenging. With SkillSurvey Reference they can easily answer the survey on their mobile phones.

By using SkillSurvey Reference integrated with Bullhorn, HCS’ reference process is now consistent and unbiased. Plus, if a candidate’s recruiter leaves the company, the candidate can be assured that their reference report is still easily accessible, helping them get placed in the future.

HCS recruiters can take advantage of SkillSurvey’s BI analytics and reports, including reports which show usage by recruiter. This provides a snapshot of which recruiters are most successful and helps them share best practices and success stories amongst the team.

Building a Highly-Qualified Candidate Pipeline

At the end of the reference check process, references are asked if they are interested in learning about job opportunities. HCS Healthcare recruiters receive a daily email of everyone who opted into their private, passive candidate database so they can reach out to references to potentially match them up with current openings. Forty-nine percent of the more than 1,200 references who have opted-in to their passive candidate database are manager-level, providing them with a rich source of potential candidates to help their clients hire the best candidate for every role.

The Results

With the combination of Bullhorn ATS & CRM and SkillSurvey, HCS Healthcare:

  • Obtained references 30-40% faster than their previous phone-based reference checking method
  • Doubled the number of people they can ask for references with this automated and easy to use solution
  • Provided an unbiased way to present reference information to clients, helping them make more informed—and consistent—hiring decisions
  • Collected an average of 3.1 references responding per candidate
  • Entered over 17,000 candidates into the system in two years, leveraging over 170 job-specific surveys
HCS receives feedback from an average of 3.1 references per candidate and median reference response time from references is 0.07 days from an average of 3.1 references per candidate.
Gilda Jaurez HCS Healthcare

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