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Instant Alliance Reduces Time Spent on Onboarding Process by 75% with Bullhorn

Instant Alliance, based in Chicago and founded in 2001, is a nationally recognized staffing firm that specializes in IT and financial staffing. They have consistently increased revenue year over year and began using Bullhorn software in 2014 for recruiting, back office, and onboarding to help further scale their business.



Prior to using Bullhorn Onboarding, keeping track of candidates and placements while also managing payroll had become a daunting task that involved countless emails, calls, and paperwork. All information had to be entered manually, sent out via email, and gathered and maintained in a paper file that was number-coded back to actual physical records. It was a huge undertaking that Matt Brosseau of Instant Alliance recalls as “a mess.”  “It worked but it required a lot of brute force on our end,” Brosseau says of their previous onboarding system. This paper-heavy process was carried out by a payroll administrator who dedicated her entire work week to the task, plus two other individuals who spent an entire day each week on manual entry. In total, Brosseau estimates that an approximate 56 hours a week was spent just on these error-prone tasks, and many candidates complained about the cumbersome process.



When it came time to automate, Bullhorn Onboarding seemed like the a natural choice for Instant Alliance. They liked the fact that Onboarding would be integrated with the ATS and that automating would save them “a huge amount of time down the road.” According to Brosseau, who has been using Bullhorn Back Office and Onboarding for the past 2-3 years, the full-time role to handle the onboarding process was no longer needed, and the resulting headcount was redeployed into a new revenue-producing recruiter role. Onboarding has reduced the time spent managing the system and process by nearly 75%, from 56 hours to 16 hours, and the team now receives far fewer calls and complaints from candidates. “There’s a lot less confusion and we’re spending a lot less time managing candidates,” states Brosseau. Furthermore, the margin for human error that comes with manual entry has decreased greatly. Brosseau says, “This system can cut down not just on hours but also frustration for candidates trying to manage themselves and have their questions answered.”



In the years before Bullhorn Back Office, recruiting work at Instant Alliance relied heavily on tedious manual entry. The team used a secondary vendor to operate all of their timesheets, which would then be exported into ADP to generate payroll. While the accounting manager served as a sort of quality control barometer, a large amount of the timesheet management work fell directly on recruiters. Chaos would often ensue when timesheets were due each week. Recruiters had questions for their managers and issues would almost always arise, causing each recruiter to lose 2-4 valuable hours out of their day. With automation via Bullhorn Back Office, recruiters now have more time to manage the revenue-generating relationships versus managing reactive responses and paperwork.

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