The challenge:

Prior to using Bullhorn One, LRS Healthcare was slowed down by disaggregated data. According to Jeff Beckman, President of LRS Healthcare, information was all over the place. “Everyone had their own processes, their own methods of storing data, and their own ways of going through process transactions,” said Beckman.

The solution:

LRS Healthcare chose to make Bullhorn One their single source of truth.

The results:

With Bullhorn One, the LRS Healthcare team is able to gain quicker access to the data they need, speeding up their business processes. “We don’t have to worry about hitting deadlines anymore, because we know where to find the information. We’re going to get people paid, we’re going to get the facility billed, and we’re going to keep our business moving forward.”

Bullhorn One allows us to have access to information that we didn't have before. Being able to have one resource that we can access at any time has sped up our decision making and made us more confident in what we're doing as a business. 
Jeff Beckman President, LRS Healthcare

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