The challenge:

As part of CHG Healthcare, RN Network has efficiently run their travel nursing business on the Bullhorn platform. Prior to using the Bullhorn Talent Platform and the Bullhorn One, RN Network realized they needed to automate their processes and give their nurses the option to self-service. The team was also looking to improve the efficiency of their invoicing process, and reduce the chance of having errors.

The solution: 

RN Network decided to implement the Bullhorn Talent Platform and Bullhorn One.

The results:

The Bullhorn Talent Platform has improved the candidate experience. The team uses automation to interact with 90% of their database, and is able to effectively collect candidate feedback. According to Reed, “The feedback we’re receiving now is that [our candidates] enjoy it. Ease of use, self-service, and they can complete the documents on time. Those are some of the metrics we track to make sure that we aren’t only hearing it from our candidates, but are seeing it in their actions.”

Bullhorn One has made the team more efficient and sped up RN Network’s invoicing process. “As we shifted to Bullhorn One, one of the biggest lifts we felt were our invoices getting out in minutes,” said Reed. Additionally, with credentialing experience, the team has increased their speed to market. They are able to get their providers cleared and to their work location on time.

The core objectives for CHG and our nursing division really are around the candidate experience. It is all about our candidates and our providers. Bullhorn has given us the tools to provide a better customer experience for them and move into a more current platform, allowing them to self-service.
Amy Reed VP of Operational Strategy, CHG Healthcare

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