The Resource Company focuses on light industrial and C-Suite staffing. In this video, Christopher Wakefield, Vice President of Support Services at The Resource, discusses how Bullhorn Automation has made his recruiting team more efficient.

The Resource has automated many of their recruiter’s administrative tasks. They now have automations that assist with data cleansing, remind recruiters to do candidate follow ups, and re-engage with candidates who they haven’t been in touch with in 3-5 years. These automations free up time for the team to build relationships with candidates and clients.

While the light industrial industry can be very fast paced, The Resource has used Bullhorn Automation to be an efficient team. Looking forward, the team is also focused on enhancing their usage of Bullhorn One, ensuring it is their single source of truth.

When we started using Bullhorn in 2019, we were able to customize the system to our needs. We became about 40%-50% more efficient off the bat!
Christopher Wakefield, VP, The Resource Company
Christopher Wakefield Vice President of Support Services, The Resource Company

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