How USPRO Established 10x Growth with Bullhorn and Madison Resources

USPRO, a woman-owned and operated staffing agency, has built a solid reputation as a top provider of temporary and permanent hiring solutions in the Defense and Healthcare Industries nationwide. USPRO’s goal has always been to scour the land for the best in order to offer the best, and their outstanding service model has earned the firm five-star prestige as a top supplier. USPRO attributes a good part of their growth to having selected best-in-class partners to help drive their business. This “no-compromise” approach in vendor selection led USPRO to partner with Bullhorn for their ATS & CRM needs and Madison Resources for all back-office and funding support. This combination of vendors has allowed USPRO to focus on revenue-generating activities and minimize distractions.

The Challenge

USPRO didn’t have access to the back-office support, technology, or capital to take advantage of opportunities that would grow their business.

In 2009, USPRO landed a large contract with a Department of Defense contractor working on the Black Hawk program. Realizing they weren’t equipped to deal with running a large payroll and handling the billing and funding, they reached out to Madison Resources. Within one week, Madison was able to successfully pay all contractors, send invoices to customers, set the stage for future growth, and help reduce the co-employment risk. Given Madison’s quick reaction time and helpful staff, USPRO felt confident they could grow without limits with Madison on their side. With Madison’s unparalleled reporting, USPRO confidently knew where their money was at all times. With Madison as their partner, USPRO continued to grow and scale.

The Solution

Madison Resources’ full-service offering allows USPRO to focus on selling and recruiting and ultimately grow their business.

USPRO has found that the Bullhorn front-end offering provides the sales and recruiting framework needed to drive business and make placements.  After the placements are made, Madison’s team takes over and makes running the rest of their business cycle pain and worry-free. USPRO finds that Madison’s full-service offering is comprehensive while at the same time allowing them to remain the Employer of Record. Madison’s Subject Matter Experts in Credit, Payroll, Billing, Tax, Compliance, and Collections allow them to operate efficiently and with peace of mind.

The Results

Madison Resources eliminated all non-revenue generating activities from USPRO allowing them to experience 10x growth.

According to Kiley Carlton, Owner and CEO of USPRO, “USPRO found that using Bullhorn for our front-end and pairing it with Madison’s back-end allowed us to hire only revenue-producing employees. We were able to focus on our core competencies of selling and recruiting. The Bullhorn-Madison one-two punch has really fueled our growth!”

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