The challenge: 

Prior to using Bullhorn Analytics, Vaco had limited reporting capabilities, only focusing on metrics at an Enterprise level.

The solution: 

Vaco chose to implement Bullhorn Analytics, and loves how easy it is to use right inside of the Bullhorn Platform.

The results:

With Bullhorn Analytics, Vaco has reduced the number of reporting resources they needed, resulting in time and cost savings. According to Natalie Halamar, Senior Manager of Producer Applications at Vaco, another benefit of Bullhorn Analytics is that it provides increased visibility into how Vaco’s recruiters are performing, making it a successful coaching tool. “A manager can prepare themselves before they go into an individual’s 1-1, and say ‘Hey, I’ve looked at your analytics, and here is where you are performing.” With this data transparency, the team is able to track their success and make informed business decisions.

By using Bullhorn Analytics, you remove the burden of needing to build out individual reports and building out office-level reports, because you have that information at your fingertips.
Natalie updated
Natalie Halamar Senior Manager of Producer Applications, Vaco

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