3 Ways to Lead Through Uncertainty: Insights from Lauren Jones, Maurice Fuller, and Tom Erb

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Wednesday, June 14th | 1:00 – 2:00PM EDT

As the economy continues to experience unprecedented shifts and uncertainties, it’s critical for businesses to proactively plan for potential challenges and, more importantly, potential opportunities.

In this webinar recording, Lauren Jones, Maurice Fuller, and Tom Erb share insights and strategies for staffing firms to navigate economic uncertainty with confidence and agility. They explore the latest trends and predictions for the staffing market, and discuss best practices and insights from staffing clients that have successfully identified new opportunities in a downturn and how to make the most of those opportunities.

Whether you’re a founder, a head of operations, or a recruiter, this webinar recording will provide practical guidance and actionable insights to help you position your business (or your desk) for success in today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape.

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