From chaos to clarity: Transforming your existing database with data hygiene

Join us on May 23 and June 5! (1)

Healthy data is the foundation for strong candidate management and a good recruitment strategy. So, why is it something that often gets put on the backburner?

The webinar will address key challenges faced by recruiters due to inadequate data quality in their existing database, including poor business results, the reliance on external sources outside of their system, wasted time, and higher candidate acquisition costs. We will provide real-life examples of how clean data can overcome these obstacles.

Erik Mateev, our expert in data hygiene and database utilization here at Bullhorn, and Raymond Pennie, Founding Director at Kyloe Partners, will explore:

  • How creating a “database first” mindset will help your agency increase interviews, placements, and redeployments
  • How a healthy data strategy can proactively engage your existing candidate base with accurate messaging and job recommendations
  • Why implementing data hygiene tactics will help your agency achieve future success with AI and stay ahead of the curve

Join us on May 23rd or June 5 to gain practical insights to make the most of your existing candidates with improved data management.

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