Improve Productivity

8×8 integrates with the most popular recruitment application Bullhorn, to enhance client services and extend your competitive advantage. 8×8’s integrations provide rich communication tools to the applications used everyday by recruitment consultants to save time and improve productivity.  


Fixed Costs & Flexibility

8×8 is all about enabling you to communicate in any way, on any device, at any time. You get continuous communications, from desk to computer to mobile, with voice, video calls and chat. The Virtual Office app allows you to harness the power of the 8×8 Communications Cloud. Make secure business calls from anywhere. Easily access personal and business contacts. Take your productivity to the next level with team messaging and collaboration.  



Better Visibility of Your Consultants’ Performance

8×8 Virtual Office delivers an unmatched suite of analytics tools that give you enterprise-level business intelligence about your communications. Virtual Office captures finely detailed data on all call activity and presents it to you in easy-to-use views and reports, allowing you to take quick, decisive action. Get fast answers about internal and external call activity, call queues and ring groups and the health of your communications system.  




Collaboration Tools

See who is on the phone and who is available by checking their status icon. Quickly resolve questions and communicate using 8×8’s safe and secure Instant Messaging. Advanced video and web conferencing solutions enable recruiters to make quicker connections while providing the crucial face-to-face element.  


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