Brand Management & Continuity

Brand Management & Continuity

Your staffing agency is represented across a variety of platforms and mediums from print to digital and from the website you own to any number of peripheral platforms that house your name and likeness. The key to effective brand management is to establish the Brand Identity Guide early and execute from it consistently. This will help to reduce confusion and limit friction in the funnel with your candidates and clients. And while brand identity defines the visual elements of your brand, establishing the tone gives it life. This too should be coordinated with leadership to ensure the messaging supports the brand values, mission, and corporate initiatives.

Inclusive Inbound Marketing

Inclusive Inbound Marketing

For Inbound Marketing to be effective, the strategies MUST be customized to fit the unique elements of the organization. To accomplish this, all aspects of your business must be considered to ensure inclusive and comprehensive campaign development.

We work with stakeholders at your staffing agency to ensure alignment with your process, people, tech, and corporate initiatives to provide a holistic solution to deliver consistent results through sustainable execution. Inbound marketing is a collective effort that gets supported company-wide and requires collective buy-in and participation to optimize the potential and maximize the outcome.

Sales & Recruitment Enablement

Sales & Recruitment Enablement

Sales Enablement is the collaboration between sales and marketing to identify and develop the resources sales professionals need to be effective. These can be data sheets, presentations, ebooks, outreach automation, email signatures, or any other number of sales tools that can be used during the sales process. Coordinated messaging in alignment with sales efforts provide the most comprehensive and optimized approach to marketing. In staffing, recruitment should also be considered in this buildout since their needs are so similar to sales despite the target persona differences. Typical Sales Enablement tools can include:

  • Shareable Relevant Content
  • Data Sheet / Pitch Deck
  • Gated Premium Assets
  • Conversion Optimized Email Signatures
  • LinkedIn Automated Outreach
Website Optimization

Website Optimization: SEO / SEM and UX

While Content Marketing focuses on the production of content for audience interest and education, however, the importance of maintaining a structure the search engines can index and an environment that viewers can easily navigate cannot be overstated. This is where SEO/SEM and UX best practices work in concert to elevate the content strategy to be more tactical.

SEO / SEM (Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing) is the technical strategy behind content and inbound marketing. UX (User Experience) is the presentation and flow of content in the space that’s been created for recipient that have the easiest consumption.

While UX tend to have more immediate results, SEO/SEM results compound over time building greater domain authority, higher keyword search rankings, more website traffic, and higher conversions on the content marketing being developed to support the corporate initiatives at your staffing agency.

DIY Marketing Leadership

DIY Marketing Leadership and Coaching

We celebrate those staffing firms that have taken the initiative to establish an in-house marketing team to support their Marcom (marketing communications) and Sales Enablement efforts. We also know that many times the develop and optimization of new internal marketing team can take longer due to the lack of marketing experience and expertise coming from management. For this reason, we’ve created the DIY Marketing Leadership and Coaching Services to help accelerate the learning curve and get more from your marketing efforts while continuing toward full internal marketing operations management! Your marketing team will get the direction they need while leadership gets the education/coaching they requires to develop the foundation to finish taking the whole process in-house.

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