The Dice Bullhorn integration combines rich Dice data with Bullhorn’s extensive range of recruiting applications and services to make finding and pipelining tech professionals, for any tech-related role, a breeze. For positions that need immediate filling, the Dice database gives you immediate access to 2 million resumes for tech professionals. Additionally, this candidate data is supplemented by social media data via Dice OpenWeb to give you a 360° view of the candidate. For more passive recruiting, make use of Dice OpenWeb and get another 9 million potential candidates all from one search. With profile data that contains information from sites like Stack Overflow and Github, you’re able to verify that candidates are who they say they are.

Category: Job Board
Location: North America
Platform: Bullhorn

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Search Dice’s database without leaving Bullhorn

Access Dice’s rich database of over 2 million resumes. Find the talent you need while saving time by no longer needing to transfer between windows.

View Candidate Information, Then Export Profile to Bullhorn

View extensive profile information from Dice and then, with just a few clicks, add the candidate to Bullhorn. Find your candidates in Dice and use the Bullhorn platform to track and manage your candidate to prospect to placement.

Quickly Add a Candidate to a List or Job

Improve your workflow by adding a Dice candidate to a traditional list or expedite the process by attaching a candidate directly to a job listing.

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