Attractive, Affordable, & Effective Benefits

For over 20 years, ESC has focused on providing affordable, usable benefits that match the needs of our members while delivering low cost, compliant solutions to our clients. Our products are designed to deliver real value to enrollees and their employers, provide coverage that matches the needs of its users, reduce or eliminate corporate tax liability, and require little or no employer contribution.

Matching Corporate Objectives with Strategic Plans
All of our healthcare plans have been refined over time to deliver optimal coverage for workers and a competitive, compliant benefits offering for employers. ESC clients select a benefit mix that achieves their corporate goals through strategically bundled products, or a custom-tailored approach based on their objectives.

The foundation of our benefit offerings is an Indemnity plan, covering the majority of employee day-to-day medical needs and proven to support recruiting and retention efforts.

ACA Compliant Solutions

ESC offers the lowest-cost solutions for maintaining compliance under the Affordable Care Act. Our portfolio of products and solutions are designed to work together, delivering the coverage requirements of the ACA while providing attractive, affordable, effective healthcare solutions to employees. ESC plans can be structured at little or no cost to employers, while providing protection from expensive tax penalties at the same time.

Embedded Onboarding Enrollment

Staffing Specific Technologies

ESC conducts operations on our proprietary benefit admin system, featuring turn-key implementation, communication, enrollment, and administrative programs that are built specifically for staffing. Our healthcare and electronic enrollment solutions have onboarding and payroll integration capabilities, simplifying benefit administration and streamlining the enrollment process, providing staffing companies with an intuitive dashboard to manage the unique, high-turnover population.

ESC clients that use Bullhorn’s system can add the offer our industry-leading benefits right into to their mobile-friendly electronic onboarding process, all at the push of a button.

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