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Sell reqs faster and easier

Lightcast Data is the ultimate lead qualifying weapon. With intuitive graphs and symbols you can utilize this specific, objective data to validate, challenge, or negotiate the details of each req. Lightcast Data shows you how the market you’re recruiting in compares to others of similar size, and which staffing companies you are up against. By having the full picture of each req’s unique situation, you can smoothly negotiate and navigate client conversations, ultimately filling reqs faster and increasing wages.

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Understand how difficult a req will be to fill

With local and national data at your fingertips, you can quickly understand how difficult a job may be to fill. This allows you to know what reqs are worth pursuing, and what reqs you may need to reject or modify. If you have a client in multiple markets you can analyze and compare any market in order to determine which market is ideal for that particular position.

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Be an expert on the supply of talent for any job

Understand the available supply of talent of any market in relation to the total supply in other markets of similar size. Negotiate what skills should and should not be included in a job posting based on the supply of those skills in your given market.

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See what wages are required to attract talent

See the advertised wage, median wage, and remote wage for your job. You can directly compare your clients wage to see if they are keeping up with market trends and see how they could raise or lower their wage to beat the competition.

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Discover the demand for any job in any market

Analyze your competitive environment in real-time. Lightcast’s unique postings trend line tracks postings over a two-year timeframe, helping you understand the competition in any given market and evaluate how demand has changed over time.

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