Channel Data. Gain Intel. Increase Efficiency. UpGlide is the cloud-based contingent workforce management platform that creates diverse user experiences through versatility. Designed for multifunctional use, UpGlide’s vendor management system (VMS) can be customized to meet role-specific needs of end clients, MSPs, and staffing agencies.

Category: Visualizing and Interpreting Data
Location: North America
Platform: Bullhorn

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Complete Transparency of Your Contingent Workforce Program

Engage and manage clients, candidates, and vendors in one central location using UpGlide cloud-based VMS technology.

Dashboard analytics

  • Broadcast job orders
  • Review candidates
  • Approve timesheets and expenses
  • Manage compliance documents
  • Manage direct hire, contract hire, 1099, and SOW engagements
  • Easily create custom workflows
  • Identify vendor performance gaps using vendor management scorecards

Vendor management scorecards

  • Easily monitor vendor performance, track submission activity, and negotiate bill rates

Risk Mitigation

  • Visibility at all stages of the procurement process to minimize risk across all clients and vendors
  • Manage compliance documents and expiration dates

Cloud Workflow Management

Streamlined Timesheet and Expense Administration

  • Consolidate payroll, expenses, and invoice transactions under one roof for simplified transactions
  • Trigger timesheet approvals and monitor overtime and double time spend

Increased Efficiency of Job Order Processing

  • Instantly communicate job requirements to vendors with the click of a button
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce human errors using process automation modules

Your Custom Workflow Through Seamless Bullhorn Integration

Manage vendor performance while mitigating risk and providing quality candidates to clients.

  • Capture job requirements in Bullhorn and seamlessly flow information to sub-vendors through UpGlide
  • Present all qualified candidates to the client via UpGlide directly through Bullhorn API
  • Manage candidate submissions and interview requests within UpGlide while automatically syncing status updates in Bullhorn ATS
  • Direct all sub-vendor submissions to the job order owner (assigned recruiter) in Bullhorn
  • Track sub-vendor performance through configurable vendor management scorecards in UpGlide

Benefits of UpGlide

Best Total Value: Streamline contingent workforce management processes while experiencing a greater ROI.

Configuration Support: Complete support throughout the entire implementation process to accommodate you with the most viable solution.

Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly connect workflow across external management systems:

  • Bullhorn ATS
  • Procurement systems
  • Payroll systems
  • Financial systems
  • Timekeeping systems

White Label Option: Reinforce your brand with UpGlide’s white label option.

Custom-Built: All aspects of the tool can be modified and designed to fit your unique program specifications.

Global Scalability: Bring together worldwide clients, candidates, and vendors through one unified access platform.

Quick Launch: No delays, no waiting around. Fast build turnaround allows you to leverage the platform right away.

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