Bullhorn expands healthcare business with key customer wins and product investments in 2023

New capabilities will get healthcare professionals cleared for work faster and help maximize profitability for staffing firms

Oct. 31, 2023 — BOSTON — Bullhorn, the global leader in software for the staffing and recruitment industry, today announced new product capabilities for its healthcare solution and an expanding healthcare customer base. An increasing number of healthcare staffing firms rely on Bullhorn solutions to put healthcare professionals to work, including 21 of the top 25 healthcare staffing firms. As these firms face challenging factors from tight margins to wage inflation, Bullhorn solutions maximize efficiency along the entire staffing workflow to grow profitability and increase compliance, from the recently released Compliance Manager, which helps get healthcare providers cleared for work faster, to new capabilities that increase efficiency.

Growing healthcare staffing customer base includes top firms

Bullhorn Healthcare solutions support some of the largest healthcare staffing firms in the U.S., and the customer base continues to grow rapidly. To date in 2023, Bullhorn has added 40 new healthcare staffing customers. Bullhorn healthcare customers made 33,000 placements per month on average in the past year.*

Atlas MedStaff, among the fastest-growing U.S. staffing firms, has invested in multiple Bullhorn solutions for thousands of traveling healthcare professionals. Rich Smith, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Atlas MedStaff, credits Bullhorn with supporting his firm’s success with Bullhorn One, a solution that helps increase efficiency and empower better decision-making throughout the entire staffing firm, from sales and recruiting to payroll and billing to management. “Without Bullhorn One and the partnership that we have with Bullhorn, I don’t think we would have grown as quickly as we did. I believe that under any other system, it would have slowed us down.” 

Gold-standard credential management clears providers for work faster

Bullhorn’s product investments in 2023 aim to address some of healthcare staffing’s most pressing challenges, including the onboarding and credentialing process. In a Bullhorn survey, 38% of staffing professionals deemed the greatest challenge of credentialing to be its manual and time-consuming nature, while 28% found the greatest issue to be that technology for managing these processes is not tailored to support healthcare. Healthcare providers are equally challenged by manual credentialing processes and inefficient technology, which require them to fax or email credentials for every new position. Most would prefer a single place to consistently upload or update their credentials.

Bullhorn’s new Compliance Manager helps credentialing teams and staffing leadership gain full visibility into the compliance status of their workforce and understand where to focus their efforts to clear providers for work faster. A dashboard within the ATS shows the credential status of providers overall, and each placement includes a checklist of compliance-related requirements. Credentialing specialists store and share credentials from a single location for ease of access and have the ability to track expiring credentials. Compliance Manager is also open to integration with Bullhorn Marketplace partners, allowing staffing firms to use additional tools to manage their overall compliance within the same workflow. This complements a suite of compliance-related functionality built in the Bullhorn platform over the past five years to achieve a gold standard in credential management.

“The credentialing process has been a journey for RNnetwork,” said Amy Reed, VP of Operational Strategy at CHG Healthcare, a parent company of RNnetwork. “Bullhorn’s earliest credentialing capabilities were a tremendous change in allowing our team to see all of the documentation that they needed for credentialing in one place. And with the addition of further credentialing such as automation and collecting documentation, our team is now completing credentialing about 65% faster than they used to.”

“We’ve cleared a lot more people on time by using the credentialing in Bullhorn and being able to get our travelers to the clients a lot faster than we originally said they could be there,” said Cecilia Merrill, Director of Operations at CrossMed Healthcare. “In five months, we increased our cleared rate from 79% of providers to 91%.”

New capabilities maximize efficiency and profitability

With new Time & Labor capabilities on the Bullhorn platform, staffing firms can efficiently configure pay and bill rules to meet the unique needs of healthcare clients. Once providers begin their placements, a robust time interpretation engine helps them get paid easily and accurately. Integrated into Bullhorn One, Time & Labor introduces new healthcare-specific rules like holiday schedules, orientation, low census, guaranteed minimum hours, and more to meet complex billing requirements and make it easier for billing specialists to build out reports.

For customers on the Salesforce platform, several new capabilities provide greater efficiency and flexibility for providers and recruiters alike, including the following:

  • Easier scheduling: A redesigned scheduling tool supports float pool management and makes it easier for schedulers to assign healthcare professionals to open shifts.
  • Convenient tools for providers: A new mobile app allows providers to upload credentials, manage their availability, accept or decline shifts, and request work.
  • Flexible candidate sourcing: A new search and match experience gives recruiters more flexibility to search for candidates, match them to roles, and generate leads.

Bullhorn is continuously investing in new capabilities to better serve healthcare staffing firms, so that they can maximize profitability and operational efficiency throughout the staffing and recruiting workflow. “We recognize that it’s more important than ever for healthcare staffing firms to operate more efficiently,” said Jason Niad, VP, Product, Healthcare at Bullhorn. “We continue to invest in finding solutions that ease complicated compliance and billing requirements and other acute challenges facing these businesses, all to help firms offer a better experience for providers and clients alike and maximize the profitability of their business.”

Learn more

To learn more Bullhorn’s solutions for healthcare staffing firms, visit the Bullhorn website or reach out to your Bullhorn account manager. 

You can also visit Bullhorn at booth #303 at SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit from November 1-3 and attend our session, “From efficiency to profitability: Maximizing returns through streamlined operations” on November 2 at 10:30 am. 

*This represents the average rate based on Bullhorn healthcare customer activity in North America from October 2022 to September 2023.


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