Bullhorn Empowers Staffing Firms to Meet the Needs of the Candidate of the Future with Self-Service Solution

Bullhorn, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, today announced the launch of a unified, self-service, mobile-first candidate experience solution: Bullhorn Connect.

The digital transformation journey on which numerous staffing firms have embarked is fraught with complexity. The remote work demands of pandemic-induced lockdown coupled with a rapid shift in job supply and candidate demand have forced companies to accelerate their adoption of digital technologies, and have pushed forward-looking early adopters of process automation to the competitive forefront. With a U.S. unemployment rate that has cycled from 3.5% 15 months ago to 11.8% at the height of the pandemic and now back down to 5.8%, numerous pressures facing candidates and potentially discouraging them from labor force participation, and a new set of expectations around work flexibility and information access, there has never been a more complicated time to attract and retain top talent.

Ultimately, the staffing firms that will win in this new world of work are those who prioritize and have invested in developing and maintaining an engaging, future-focused candidate experience. The pathway to developing this ideal candidate experience? Meeting the candidate where they are – on their mobile phones – and giving them what they want – autonomy, near-instant responsiveness, and a cohesive and organized experience before, during, and after assignment. This is the genesis for Bullhorn Connect.

An open source solution for the open-ended challenges of our time, Bullhorn Connect combines registration and onboarding, time and expense, job and interview status, payment information, credentialing, and numerous Marketplace partner integrations to enable background checks, video interviewing, and much more. Bullhorn Connect is designed to give staffing firms total control in building a candidate experience that scales for the future.

“Connect is helping to fundamentally change the role of the recruiter,” said Bill Halnon, Chief Information Officer at Cross Country Healthcare, a Bullhorn customer. “It’s about simplicity, it’s about speed. We’re looking forward to having Connect be one of the top five apps that our candidates use – that’s our goal for adopting this. Candidates will play a larger role in onboarding, profile maintenance, and job selection, allowing recruiters more time to seek and attract new talent. With significant adoption, this will change the game for Cross Country Healthcare and the industry as a whole.”

“We’re so excited to introduce this to our customers,” said Jason Heilman, SVP of Product, Automation and AI, at Bullhorn. “Connect gives staffing firms all the tools they need to create an amazing candidate experience, empowering their talent to take charge of their careers while freeing up their recruiters’ time to focus on building deeper relationships and to grow an engaged talent pool. Connect is essentially Bullhorn for candidates.”

Connect is the final component to help Bullhorn’s customers realize their journey to digital transformation. As a web-enabled solution, Connect directly addresses the app adoption challenges that hinder so many staffing firms from effectively engaging their workforces at scale. Combining the Connect mobile experience with Bullhorn One for start-to-finish digitization of the recruitment lifecycle and Herefish for candidate nurture and workflow automation, staffing firms can create a Digital Staffing Platform that empowers candidate self-service, streamlines operations and creates a differentiated experience from online staffing platforms.

Customizable and easy to use, Bullhorn Connect empowers candidates to manage their work lives on their terms, with no delay or downtime, saving recruiters from doing the mundane tasks that would otherwise waste their time and resources, amplifying their ability to make human connections, and allowing staffing agencies to operate on an accurate, up-to-date, single version of the truth – freeing them to scale without limits. Benefits of Bullhorn Connect include:

  • Creating loyal candidates: By providing a candidate experience actually worth experiencing by candidates, agencies can build a loyal talent pipeline for the long term.
  • Scaling without headcount: A self-service offering not only empowers candidates to take control over their own work lives, but also frees internal recruiters to focus on value-added, trust-building tasks that are a better use of their time.
  • Increasing redeployment: A self-sustaining talent pipeline is mission-critical during a skilled worker shortage. The high-touch experience afforded by Bullhorn Connect alongside timely communication helps increase redeployment rates and improve agencies’ bottom lines.
  • Amplifying employer branding: Using the customizable Connect Framework whitelabeling capability, agencies can build their own branded experience and help differentiate themselves from competitors.

The first early access customers have been identified and will begin using Bullhorn Connect in the next few weeks. Additional customers will be added to a queue for the next phase of rollout, expected over the next three months. For more information on Connect and Bullhorn’s full suite of candidate experience solutions, please visit https://www.bullhorn.com/connect/.


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