Q: What is S-Release?

A: S-Release is the old version of the Bullhorn ATS platform, which is currently being phased out. It is not optimized to work with modern browsers and no new features or functionality will be added to S-Release going forward. S-Release users also have limited access to products like Bullhorn One, VMS Sync, and many others. Your organization is currently on S-Release.


Q: What is Novo and what is the benefit of migrating?

A: Novo is the newest version of the Bullhorn ATS platform as of 2017, and is equipped with an enhanced UI and new features, many of which you can read about here. All new product capabilities are only being added to Novo.

You can learn more about the benefits of Novo by enrolling in the S-Release to Novo Upgrade online course in the Bullhorn Learning Hub.

Q: What is the Novo Migration Program process?

A: At this moment, our team has begun preparing your environment for Novo enablement. During this period, our team may create test records and test users, all of which will be disabled once migration is complete.


Q: What is being moved from my S-Release environment to Novo? 

A: Your environment contains specific automizations and/or custom templates that our team will focus on migrating over to Novo so that they can perform as expected. Our goal is to ensure you can successfully operate in Novo as you do today in S-Release.

Other than these specific automations and/or custom templates, there is no underlying shift in logic between S-Release and Novo.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that with an enhanced UI, there are natural, new behaviors in Novo that our team will help you navigate.


Q: What are the next steps? 

A: Please expect an email outreach from our Novo Migration Team, asking for your signature on a Statement of Work. We will also coordinate a focused period of testing and training with your organization once our team has completed Novo enablement of your instance.

During the testing phase, your organization will participate in the following*:

1) Approximately one week of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to test your specific automations in Novo
2) Approximately one week of Pilot Testing to test all end-to-end workflows in Novo
3) Approximately one week of Hypercare, once all users from your organization are flipped onto Novo

*Timeframes are subject to change based on client’s specific environment

Q: Is there training involved?

A: We will also arrange a 1-hour session with our Training Team, where experts will train up to 12 members of your organization on Novo, so that you are best prepared to lead your teams during this transition.


Q: Who can I direct questions to about this process?

A: Please do not hesitate to bring any questions to our Novo Team by emailing novo-enablement@bullhorn.com or by contacting your organization’s dedicated Account Manager.