Make business decisions with confidence

Use configurable, automated dashboards to turn your valuable data into easy-to-understand insights for both individual and team performance.

Simplify decision making and meet your business goals by ensuring your team spends their time on tasks that drive revenue.

Bullhorn Analytics made Triple Crown Consulting more efficient, while allowing them to make better informed business decisions

As their business grew, Triple Crown needed more insight into their business activity. Standard solutions were not confirguable or powerful enough to give them full insight into their data.

[Bullhorn Analytics] is something that we look at every day. We hired a business analyst to help us run reports and understand the data that we had. I think it's helped our executive staff understand where we're going and what areas we need to focus on and improve.
Martin Lopez, Business Applications Manager for Triple Crown Consulting
Martin Lopez Business Applications Manager, Triple Crown Consulting.

Improve sales and operational performance

Develop actionable plans that connect daily activities to trackable results.

Teams can now achieve goals faster by ensuring they work on the most valuable opportunities, while reducing burnout and wasted effort.

The j.David Group saves time and increases fill rate with insights from Bullhorn Analytics

Rapid growth at the j.David Group brought exciting opportunities, but came with new challenges. They needed to save time by cutting down on manual tasks by empowering team members with better insights into candidates and processes.

12% increase in job fill rate

Since implementing Bullhorn Analytics, the team can more quickly identify crucial information, better understand areas for improvement, and better focus their time and resources.”

Being able to go into Bullhorn and understand what each account manager has and is responsible for quickly and easily has been super helpful in helping us manage our business.
Kerry Webb COO, j.David Group

Deliver exceptional client value

Enhance the client experience by automatically identifying revenue opportunities that will improve the value you provide clients.

Use the dedicated Bullhorn Analytics client dashboards to see how your client relationships are changing over time so you can proactively resolve problems.

Analytics helps IDEX Consulting focus on driving more value to their clients

IDEX Consulting was focused on a retained recruiting model that would deliver more value to their clients, but they needed data to prove the value of their business model internally and externally.

80% Time spent on non-revenue generating activities prior to implementing Bullhorn Analytics

With Bullhorn Analytics, IDEX was able to gain better insight into their team’s activities. They are able to spend their time filling less roles with more qualified candidates and focusing on activities that generate revenue for the business.

Being able to use data is invaluable when it comes to convincing clients to use our retained model. Once you turn to a client and tell them that we can give them a better result, faster, with less impact on their time, for the same amount of money, suddenly it becomes a no brainer for them to say yes.
Richard Martin Head of Group Operations at IDEX Consulting

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