Applicant Tracking System and CRM

Bullhorn combines Applicant Tracking and Customer Relationship Management in one powerful system to automate the end-to-end recruitment lifecycle for businesses of all sizes. Bullhorn's true cloud software is accessed over the internet and available on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Pricing is determined by the number of people that want access to the system - including recruiters, salespeople, and managers.


  • Candidate Management and Sourcing
  • Contact and Company Management
  • Job Management and Publishing
  • Email Integration, Tracking, and Mass Mailing
  • SMS Texting  Add-on
  • Resume Parsing
  • Career Portal
  • Standard Reporting


All features included in Team, plus:

  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • API Access
  • Custom Fields and Workflows
  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Inbox Productivity Tool
  • NPS Survey Tool


All features included in Corporate, plus:

  • Advanced Reporting Dashboards
  • Pulse Relationship Intelligence
  • Lead and Opportunity Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Activity Goals and Sales Quotas

Enterprise Plus

All features included in Enterprise, plus:

  • Advanced Reporting Objects and Visualization

Bullhorn for Salesforce

Bullhorn for Salesforce gives firms a competitive edge with real-time dashboards, recruitment-specific software integrations, and the global capabilities of the Salesforce platform. Our feature set is designed to help you quickly find the perfect candidate and to streamline all workflows.


  • Candidate Management and Sourcing
  • Contact and Company Management
  • Customer Agreement
  • Calendar and Task Management
  • Client Portal
  • Job Lead Management and Conversion
  • Search and Match
  • Resume Manager and Editor
  • Scheduler
  • Candidate Portal

VMS Integration

Bullhorn's VMS integration connects to any major Vendor Management System (VMS) and automatically updates and imports job records to your ATS. Fill out the form to learn more about pricing and packaging.


  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Automatic Job Adds
  • Requisition Filtering
  • Quick Alerts
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Rules


Bullhorn's Onboarding solutions enable you to eliminate manual data entry and deliver a great new hire experience.


  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Support for Pre-Hire Documentation
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Document Storage
  • True Cloud Software
  • Integration with E-Verify
  • Branded Candidate Portal

Middle and Back Office

Bullhorn's middle and back office solutions help staffing firms streamline the manual, time-consuming activities involved with processing timesheets and invoicing clients. Fill out the form to learn more about which solutions will be the best fit for your business.


  • Bullhorn ATS Integration
  • All-Electronic Time and Expense
  • Web Timesheet Portal
  • Mobile Timesheets
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Overtime Rules and Profiles
  • True Cloud
  • VMS Import
  • Commissions Tool

Job Board Productivity

Sidebar revolutionizes the way recruiters source candidates from job boards by integrating the sourcing experience with the ATS to improve efficiency and data accuracy. This leads to an increase in the number of candidate profiles that are added into the ATS and helps companies better analyze and manage overall job board spend.


  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Source from over 15 job boards, including Monster, CareerBuilder,
    and Dice
  • Parse candidates automatically from job board to ATS
  • View and add notes or tasks to candidates without leaving job board
  • Add candidates to tearsheets from within Sidebar
  • Utilize Google Maps to visualize candidate’s address
  • Identify candidates already in ATS
  • Explore candidate’s social media profiles

Reporting and Analytics

Bullhorn Canvas is an ad-hoc reporting tool that allows you to go beyond standard reporting and report on any given data point within the Bullhorn ATS/CRM. Canvas is priced as an annual subscription.


  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Complete access to Bullhorn data model
  • Advanced reporting objects and visualizations
  • Pre-built starter report package
  • Schedule reports to automatically send
  • Exporting capabilities (excel, csv, or pdf)
  • User-level permissions management


Herefish by Bullhorn is an automation platform that enables modern staffing and recruiting firms to unlock new levels of productivity, improve the quality and richness of their data, and ensure a consistent experience throughout the recruiting cycle.

Automation Only

Perfect for companies trying to clean up bad data and automate internal workflows

  • Visual Workflow Builder
  • Access to Candidates, Client Contacts, Submissions, Placements, and Jobs
  • Data Health Automations
  • Owner Assignment Rules
  • Triggers & Actions Based on Date and Profile Fields
  • Reporting
  • ATS Integration
  • Visual Workflow Builder
  • Visual Workflow Builder
  • Visual Workflow Builder

Automation Plus Communication

Perfect for companies trying to clean up bad data, automate internal workflows, and communicate more efficiently with candidates, client contacts, and contractors.</span ></span >

  • All the features of Automation Only
  • Email Automation
  • Text Messaging
  • Surveys
  • Candidate Engagement Score
  • Email Builder
  • A/B Testing
  • Webpage Tracking


With Bullhorn Messaging, you can communicate faster and build stronger relationships with your leads, candidates and customers by reaching them where they are - on their mobile phone.


  • Easy-to-use messaging Platform
  • Text-enable your existing phone
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Mobile App
  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Analytics, reporting and text message templates
  • Scheduled messages, and broadcasting