Make Faster Placements and Increase Margins

Maximize recruiter performance with clear workflows and easily accessible information. With an intuitive system in place, recruiters can stay organized and increase the number of open jobs they place and shifts they fill. More placements + higher efficiency = higher margins. It’s as simple as that.

Increase Retention and Redeployment with Top-Tier Experiences

Post-placement, it’s all about the experience. Bullhorn ATS brings all candidate information in one place, enabling recruiters to connect with a candidate at a moment’s notice, or repeatedly over time, to increase engagement and retention.

Make Better Business Decisions

Manage the business with key metric reporting. Leaders can coach their staff with activity tracking and execs can use custom reports to decide when and where to scale and expand.

Applicant Tracking

Centralize the management of candidates, jobs, shifts, and tasks to streamline the recruitment process and improve team productivity.

Customizable workflow

Customer Relationship Management

Close the loop between sales and recruiting and gain visibility into your clients’ changing business needs with a mobile CRM purpose-built for staffing.

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Email Integration

Parse in resumes, add notes, and create tasks directly from your gmail or outlook inbox and automatically track all emails in your Applicant Tracking System.

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Dashboard Reporting

Transform your team’s recruiting activity into actionable business insights with configurable reports tailored to your specific goals and KPIs.

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Relationship Intelligence

Our patented Pulse technology tracks all email activity associated with a particular candidate record and updates that record in real time, offering a complete view of your candidate interactions and relationships.

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Candidate Engagement

Allow job seekers to easily find and apply to your open positions – then leverage mass mailing or Bullhorn Messaging to engage with the top candidates.

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See Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System in Action

Protrans Increases Candidate Applications and Job Orders Without Adding Headcount

Prior to choosing Bullhorn, Protrans was using an in-home system of spreadsheets and databases. As the business continued to grow, Protrans leadership quickly realized that the system could no longer scale.

30% increase in overall efficiency

Since implementing in late 2012, Protrans’ staff has never been more productive. One recruiter on the team said, “I have no idea how I did my job before Bullhorn!” Bullhorn also enabled the Protrans team to align objectives and activities, leading to improved morale and an increase of 30% in overall efficiency.

We’re determined to grow and as we grow, Bullhorn will grow with us.
Hal Morissey Protrans

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