Act as a 24/7 digital recruiter

Provide a superior experience by delivering the right message to the right candidates, no matter what time it is. Chatbot helps you communicate in a personalized, scalable way while freeing up your team to focus on what matters: relationships

Enhance your Omnichannel Engagement

There’s no single approach to engaging with talent and clients. Creating an engagement strategy built on multiple channels, including a chatbot, text messages, emails, and a self-service portal, helps your team meet candidates and clients where they are, ensuring they want to work with you again and again.

Provide a Great Candidate Experience

Today’s talent expects convenient, digital experiences that reflect their everyday life. Chatbot provides streamlined, personable interactions that elevate their experience with your staffing firm and keep them engaged from onboarding to redeployment.

Provide Automated, Conversational Messaging

Select the next question in your Chatbot sequence based on keywords used by your candidates and clients within free text answers. Keyword branching enables effective communication and provides the personalized, conversational experience that modern talent expects.

Deliver Intelligent Jobs with AI

Chatbot leverages Bullhorn’s AI Job Match functionality to intelligently match candidates with current job openings from your ATS and display those job opportunities within the chat.

Streamline Recruiter Handoff

Chatbot integrates with Bullhorn Messaging, enabling candidates to automatically start a text conversation with their recruiter in real time or easily schedule a call back.

Standardized Chat Flows That Save You Time

Create standardized chat flows that provide personalized communication while also saving you time.

Avoid repetitive work by setting up multiple candidate journeys that are tied together. This allows candidates to seamlessly jump between chat flows based on their answers for a streamlined, personalized experience.

Personalize the Experience

Brand your Chatbot to the look and feel of your website for a consistent experience. Personalized branding helps keep your clients and candidates engaged across all platforms and helps build trust in your staffing firm.

Perfect for All Website Visitors

From returning candidates to first time website visitors, Bullhorn Chatbot is designed for all types of conversations. Create chat flows for unknown visitors to uncover new opportunities and boost conversion, and enhance the experience of returning visitors across the recruitment lifecycle.

We’re seeing an influx of jobs and quality matches coming in automatically, teeing up placements for our recruiters and enabling them to build incredible relationships with our talent. We know it's critical to provide our talent an easy-to-use experience regardless of their communication preferences, and the chatbot complements our existing engagement channels.
Shayne Simpson Managing Director, TempNET IT

Types of Chatbot Engagement


A chat that is designed for direct engagement by the person clicking on a call to action


A chat that is designed to interact with a known visitor on the website, without being pushy or aggressive.


A chat that is designed to interact with unknown visitors that visit the site organically

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