Enabling a Remote Workforce

While remote work isn't a new concept, managing, training, and retaining efficiency with a workforce that is brand new to remote work, well, is. We've rounded up some resources to help you navigate the remote landscape from your home; from implementing Bullhorn from your kitchen table to automating workflows to help you do more with less.

Making Smarter Business Decisions


Support Tip: Preparing for Reporting

In this resource in our ongoing series about the importance of data management, we’re going to discuss the importance of accurate reporting, common reporting issues, building a proof of concept, and more.

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Keeping up with your Bullhorn Data

Support Tip: Keeping up with Your Bullhorn Data

Once you have a strong database and system in place for your staffing firm, you’ll want to put a check in place to ensure your data is accurate and clean your database regularly. Learn more about managing your data in this resource.

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Bullhorn Onboarding Demo

What Do You Need to Build Great Staffing Reports in Canvas?

Getting a pulse on the health of your business or investigating trends to inspire your next strategic decision are predicated on your ability to understand data. Great staffing reports are guiding lights, letting you capture what you need to base your decisions on. But what makes an exceptional reporting tool?

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How Open Systems Technologies Revived their Reporting Capabilities with Bullhorn Canvas

Your ATS is bursting with data just waiting to be deciphered. But the more data you have, the more difficult interpreting it can be. Learn how Open Systems Technologies tackled their reporting difficulties with Bullhorn Canvas.

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Collaborating from Anywhere

How to Find and Hire Remote Workers
In today’s landscape, more and more companies are building remote teams and enabling their employees to work from home. With the best technology and processes in place, sourcing and hiring remote workers can become an integral part of any recruitment firm.
Working from Home – Retaining Efficiency in a Trying Time
It’s a very challenging time around the world, and in light of the increasing numbers of employees working from home given the scope of current global events, many people have asked us for advice on how to maximize productivity in a remote setting.
Marketplace 101: Selecting the Right Video Technology Partner
With an increasing need for video technology and so many technologies to choose from, choosing the right one can be a challenge. We’ve put together the following guide to help you to better understand your requirements and to navigate the variety of solutions in this space.
3 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Integrated VoIP Technology
Integrated VoIP solutions are all about tracking and optimizing your communication with candidates, clients, colleagues, and employees. In this resource, learn how VoIP can help you save time and address business challenges.
Marketplace 101: Working from Home with Marketplace Partners
Creating an atmosphere of collaboration, even when you don’t share the same physical space, is integral to motivation and output. So how can you empower your team to stay connected, expand relationships, and maintain visibility in today’s changing landscape?
Webinar Breakdown: Being an Effective Administrator
In a recent training webinar, we discussed how to be an effective Bullhorn Administrator—we cover everything from Bullhorn system settings that will make your users’ lives easier to how field mappings and view layout relate to each other.

Automating Workflows


Allen Recruitment Automates Key Processes with Herefish by Bullhorn

Allen Recruitment had long since been reliant on Bullhorn for their CRM and cloud computing needs, but it was the addition of Herefish by Bullhorn in 2015 that proved the catalyst for incredible progress and growth.

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How to use Bullhorn

Recruiting Agencies Have to Automate Today to Drive Innovation Tomorrow

Recruiting businesses are exposed to enormous amounts of info every day. Leveraging automation is a cost-effective and time-sensible way to consolidate your data and spin it into actionable insights that drive recruiter productivity and business innovation.

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Bullhorn Data ATS

Recruiting Automation Stats: Bullhorn vs. Bullhorn

Recently, we took a look at normal Bullhorn activity and compared it against Bullhorn activity with customers that also used Herefish by Bullhorn. Dive into ts resource to discover how staffing firms automating their processes outpaced the competition.

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25 recruiting automation examples

25 Things Every Recruiting Firm Should Automate

Automating mundane, daily activities throughout the recruiting process can help open up time for recruiters, salespeople, and marketers to focus on revenue-generating activities. Learn more about the automations that can set your business up for success.

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Implementing Bullhorn Remotely

4 Tips For Going Live with Bullhorn Remotely
Remote work has been around for a while, but the current landscape has expedited the need to be effective remotely. It can be overwhelming to overhaul your routines and processes, especially in the middle of a challenging time for staffing businesses.
How to Train Your Remote Team on Bullhorn
So, you’ve successfully implemented Bullhorn remotely…now what? Although more and more often classes, certificates, and various trainings are conducted entirely online, there are still significant challenges to engaging people remotely.
3 Tips to Encourage Adoption After Your Remote Go-Live
Implementing Bullhorn and training your users is only half the battle when it comes to ensuring company-wide usage of your new software—especially if your company is operating remotely. Read on for tips on ensuring Bullhorn user adoption amongst your remote teams.
6 Tips For Mastering Your Bullhorn Implementation
For many adopters of new technology, after the buzz of the “go-live” is over, users revert to bad habits and old workflows. Learn how developing a change management strategy can help you systematically manage remote go-live.
Support Tip: Staying Up to Date with Bullhorn Product Updates
At Bullhorn, we’re constantly striving to improve our features and adding new product functionality. Because we’re constantly updating our products, it’s important for you to stay in the know so you’re not missing out on new functions that may be relevant to you.
Support Tip: Adopting Bullhorn Internally
Software is meant to do more than just replace legal pads and filing cabinets. The real power comes from being able to search and interpret the data you put into your system.