Bullhorn’s Connected Recruiting strategy provides a proven structure to engage with a rich talent pool at every stage of the talent lifecycle. This ongoing effort delivers a positive experience for talent and strong results for clients, such as growing the talent pool while lowering the cost of talent acquisition. 

This “attract, engage, onboard, nurture” cycle has been proven time and again to deliver on candidate satisfaction. A 2021 McKinsey + Company report revealed that over 70% of consumers expect personalization and are frustrated when they don’t find it. That same stat can apply to candidates, as they want to be treated like a person, not a number or resume. Proactive communication, while understanding where your candidates are in your pipeline and what they need at any given point, is all a part of the Connected Recruiting strategy. The more personalized the experience, the more likely they will stay engaged with your company and be placed with a lower talent acquisition cost.

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How to Build Your Collaborative, Connected Team

Having the right team in place will ensure a personalized candidate experience and yield the best results for any Connected Recruiting strategy. Assemble a team that includes:

A technology expert

Harness the power of your recruitment technology platform with someone who can set up the workflows for each stage of the candidate lifecycle and who has the knowledge and skills to segment the database appropriately. Whether you use Bullhorn’s products or another solution, organizations that empower their teams to become super users get the most from their technology.


Assure there is at least one person on the Connected Recruiting team who can articulate specific candidate personas and skill sets. This recruiting expert will provide input and guidance on each step of the process, facilitating the redeployment of those currently on assignment.


Whether filled internally or with a recruiting-focused marketing team, this role is more important than ever. Keeping talent connected throughout the employment cycle is at the core of success for a Connected Recruiting strategy. Your marketing person (or team) will ensure the regular connection with workers is personalized and welcomed with compelling and engaging touchpoints that appeal to your entire talent pool.


The results of your campaigns are a part of this Connected Recruiting circle. Those charged with analyzing the data throughout the cycle continually undertake campaign reviews, tweaking the content to ensure engagement and providing high-level reporting throughout each stage of the lifecycle. Gathering feedback from those who’ve been redeployed can also play into the success analysis and should be considered a critical component of the picture.

Implementing a successful Connected Recruiting strategy requires more than simply following a prescribed set of steps. It requires a robust underpinning technology that facilitates the win at every stage of the talent lifecycle. It also requires the right team to execute each new turn of the process.

Michelle Krier – SVP of Sales and Marketing at ClearEdge Marketing

@MichelleKrier | @ClearEdgeMktg

As ClearEdge Marketing’s SVP of Sales & Marketing, staffing and tech industry veteran Michelle Krier provides insight and direction to ClearEdge clients on talent acquisition, strategic marketing, sales enablement, customer engagement, and brand growth.  She is passionate about working closely with clients to help their recruiting, sales, marketing, and HR operations teams work together and achieve success.

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