If there’s one thing we know from talking to our customers, it’s that every staffing firm has unique needs. Even more so, your firm’s needs might look drastically different a year or even a month from today. Maybe you’ve decided to enter a new market. Perhaps you’ve grown rapidly over the last three months.

Or maybe you’re just starting to feel the burn of the talent shortage in a way you haven’t in the past. That’s why it’s so important to be able to customize your staffing technology to meet your specific demands. Our recruitment-centric open ecosystem is designed to let you do just that. Whatever you need, we have it covered. Where should you start? Here’s an overview of some of the many types of solutions offered by our Bullhorn Marketplace partners, based on your unique business objectives:

Source Talent

You need to: find great candidates, get them into your ATS efficiently, and make sure your team has a single source of truth for candidate information

  • Job Board: The “job board” space now spans far more than your traditional collection of job ads. Job Boards offer additional value to candidates themselves (think professional networking sites and services like resume creation) as well as advanced job marketing solutions (targeting specific types of candidates, sponsoring more timely ads, etc).
    Multi Poster: Simplify your posting strategy by working with a solution that can post out to multiple boards and locations. Some of these solutions offer more manual options where you still decide which boards to leverage when, while others take over the strategy for you, dispersing your ads and budget to the best locations.
    Job Board Analytics: These solutions automate the process of measuring your job posting success and helping you to design a cost-effective strategy.

How will this help my business? Once again, candidate acquisition and candidate sourcing is the number one priority for staffing firms in 2019. It’s never a bad idea to bolster your sourcing efforts.

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Evaluate Candidates

You need to: Create a holistic view of candidate information, from core competencies to previous employment history, and vet the best candidates for your customers.

How will this help my business? These types of assessments can predict performance potential, determine a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and illustrate how a candidate my behave in a variety of scenarios.

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Background Check

The rundown: Our background screening partners help customers to verify candidates’ past employment, perform reference checks, and check on investigate criminal records.

How will this help my business? These types of assessments can predict performance potential, determine a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and illustrate how a candidate may behave in a variety of scenarios. Ultimately, evaluating candidates contributes to the overall culture, consistency, retention and even safety within organizations.

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Engage and Automate

You need to: Improve your brand and build your customer and talent database so that you can keep in touch, and establish rapport at scale.

How does it help your business? By communicating in a strategic manner, you can deliver the most pertinent information to your candidates, build stronger relationships, remove the burden from your sales teams, and reduce churn in your billable consultant populations.

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Product Adoption

The rundown:  Product adoption solutions help software users get the most out of their tools by keeping them fully trained on all features and functionality of the tools they are using so they can get the most out of them.

How will this help my business? The recruitment market is incredibly competitive. It’s hard to keep up if your team can’t take advantage of your solutions. Make sure your team knows how to use your technology to reap all of its benefits!

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Video Interviewing

The rundown: A solution which allows candidates to record and submit interviews, or record live interviews.

How will this help my business? Video interviewing can save time by allowing candidates to record their interviews at a time that suits them, and you can ensure that you ask all of your candidates the same predetermined questions during the initial shortlisting stage. Plus, your candidate gets to think about the questions and submit a polished response, which is a better experience for them. You can also record live interviews and share them with the hiring manager.

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The rundown: Integrated VoIP solutions are all about tracking and optimizing your communication with candidates, clients, and teammates.

How will this help my business? VoIP solutions save time by automatically capturing call recordings, prompting note capture during calls, and creating automated call lists—all of which reduce administration whilst increasing database adoption and business visibility.

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Data Sources

The rundown: These are business development tools integrated with Bullhorn that help your teams find key decision makers and gain insights about your customers.

How will this help my business?  You’ll be able to find hiring managers faster and you’ll better understand your clients’ businesses.

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Manage Payroll, Bill & Benefits

You need to: Extend your back office capabilities and ensure all of your teams are in sync.

How will this help my business? Payroll and invoicing can be tedious and complicated. Let these firms take care of that while you focus on what you do best—selling and recruiting top talent.

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The rundown: Longtime industry consultants help build out robust training programs tailored to your firm’s needs.

How will this help my business? Some firms report that it can take months before new hires are effective. Onboard your employees effectively and quickly with the help of these solutions.

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Marketing Services & Technology

The rundown: Traditional marketing firms don’t understand staffing. Our partners have made it their job to understand your business and provide services and products that help attract and retain both talent and customers.

How will this help my business? Employer branding and marketing is a top priority for staffing firms in 2019, but most firms don’t have the infrastructure in place to execute a robust, cohesive marketing strategy. These experts have the resources you need to make a big impact with minimal spending.

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You need to: Engage outsourced experts and services to solve unique business challenges. Staffing industry experts can help you with everything from optimizing your Bullhorn instance to starting a VMS division to helping your sales and recruiting teams be more efficient on LinkedIn.

How will this help my business? If you don’t have large amounts of sitting capital to fund contractors’ wages weeks or even months in advance, you simply cannot make placements. Whatever goal you have for your firm, these services can turbocharge your strategy so that you can grow your business quickly.

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