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In a rapidly changing industry like staffing, it’s imperative that companies are maximizing the ROI of their tech stacks, making their employees productive from day one, and driving revenue with enhanced customer and candidate experiences.  Staffing firms often have unique processes that require the flexibility to create systems that match their individualized strategies.

Creating a tech stack that accomplishes all of this can be a challenge, and while Bullhorn’s extensible platform and open APIs allow companies to build their own custom integrations or add ons, we also continue to invest in an ecosystem focused on the needs of staffing firms like yours. But what exactly comprises the Bullhorn ecosystem?

The Bullhorn ecosystem includes two levels of partnership: Developer and Marketplace. Both of these programs aim to give staffing firms choice and maximize user efficiency. Additionally, they were created in response to a variety of customer workflows, and the need to bring those into a single, connected place.

The Marketplace Program

The Marketplace program includes over 100 pre-integrated partners that give staffing agencies the tools they need to build a customized, future-proof tech stack. Marketplace partners work closely with the Bullhorn team to build, validate and maintain connected solutions.

How does Bullhorn identify and classify Marketplace Partners?

Before Bullhorn will consider promoting a solution, we ensure that they are truly dedicated to the staffing industry. A requirement of joining this program is that the company’s solution has been adopted by multiple mutual customers within staffing who are happy with and committed to the solution.

When and why might you use a Marketplace integration?

In many cases, customers are already using a solution that’s part of our Marketplace, and simply decide to bring that solution directly into their Bullhorn system by turning on the integration. In other cases, you may have identified a need for other types of functionality within Bullhorn, and the Marketplace is a great place to start your search.

How do you find out more about Marketplace Partners?

Check out our Marketplace site, or ask your Bullhorn Account Rep about the solutions or additional functionalities you’re interested in. You can connect directly with a partner by clicking “Learn More” on their dedicated page.

How do you integrate with a Marketplace Partner?

Once you have decided to leverage an existing partner, you can simply enter a support ticket to activate the integration. Bullhorn will work directly with the partner on your behalf to get you up and running.

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The Developer Program

The Developer program was launched to support our concept of an open ecosystem. We want you to be able to work with any solution out there, even those that are in the early stages of growth.

Who are our Developer Partners?

Developer Partners have anywhere from 0 to 10 mutual customers with Bullhorn. In most cases, they have a small and/or growing presence within the staffing industry but have the potential to deliver an integrated solution to said mutual customers. The Developer program equips them with the tools and resources necessary to develop, test, and deploy third-party applications on top of the Bullhorn platform.

While we do approve their final product, partners at this level independently maintain the integration and are responsible for getting you up and running.

When and why might you use a Developer integration?

If you’ve discovered a smaller company or startup whose technology fills a gap in your workflow but isn’t currently a Partner, you could refer them to the Developer program, and work with them to get the integration up and running.

The benefits of this include the ability to leverage an officially approved integration (versus a custom integration, which is not officially approved by Bullhorn), and the opportunity to work with a number of highly innovative, lesser-known companies within the staffing industry.

Want to learn more about the Bullhorn Marketplace? Explore more resources in the Bullhorn Marketplace Toolkit.

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