Bullhorn Congratulates SIA’s 2016 Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms

top staffing firms 2016

Staffing firms across the country are challenging the status quo and finding innovative ways to grow their business. Staffing Industry Analysts recently honored 112 of these firms with the release of their 2016 List of Fastest-Growest Staffing Firms.

According to SIA, to qualify for the list, staffing firms had to post at least $1 million in revenue in 2011 and have compound annual revenue growth of at least 15% between 2011 and 2015.

Bullhorn is proud to sponsor this year’s list and recognize the staffing industry’s continued dedication to transformation. Some exceptional firms were identified, including Brilliant, Medix, Trustaff, GDH Consulting, VDart Inc, ALKU, Pharmalogics Recruiting, Whitridge Associates, LaSalle Network, Mindlance, The Medicus Firm, Clinical Resources and Codeforce 360 – just to name a few.

Matt Ovanes, Executive Vice President of ALKU- one of our customers, has this to say about his firm’s recent growth:

“ALKU has always believed that if you set your priorities to growing your people, your business will then grow exponentially,” he said. “To continually be acknowledged in awards such as this is just another reaffirmation of that philosophy.”

At Bullhorn, we salute this pursuit of an incredible employee experience, as we have seen our own company grow with an increased commitment to employee culture.

We know that albeit important, recruiting technology is just one piece of the puzzle to fuel a successful and growing company. There are many other factors to achieve growth – especially people and culture.

To learn more ways ALKU has attained success, watch this video featuring CEO Mark Eldridge.

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