35 Insights from Recruitment Leaders on Meeting the Moment in 2022

meeting the moment

This year at Engage Boston, we were honored to host a range of voices from across the staffing industry. We heard from customers, partners, and some of our very own leaders from Bullhorn in two days of jam-packed keynotes and sessions. Amidst the excitement of our first in-person conference in three years, our speakers shared their insights on how they’re leveraging technology, adapting their strategies, and engaging with talent. Together, we learned how these leaders are rising to the challenges of the current staffing landscape and meeting the moment in 2022. Here’s just some of what they had to say:

On building culture and community:

art papas engage quote

On meeting the moment:

matt fischer engage quote

On building your talent pool:

jason heilman engage quote

On Connected Recruiting:

gordon burnes engage quote

On boosting redeployment rate:

vanessa fucciani engage quote

On fostering the candidate relationship:

adam sprecher engage quote

On finding success in the digital age:

amy reed engage quote

On successfully implementing new technology:

kyle power engage boston

On building relationships with vendors:

jodi kershner engage quote

On the future of staffing:

rich smith engage quote

On enabling clients, candidates, and employees to meet the moment:

gretchen keefner engage quote

On the importance of innovation:

eliana hassen engage quote

On navigating the changing industry:

andrew limouris engage quote

On the decision to implement Bullhorn One:

jeff beckmann quote

On building a tech stack:

roxanne kos engage quote

On scaling your Bullhorn tech stack:

tim proehm engage quote

On automating job retrievals with VMS Sync:

lian perez engage quote

On future-proofing your agency:

teresa carroll engage quote

On specialty vs. scale:

brian salkowski engage quote

On diversifying your business:

mark nussbaum engage quote

On how best to engage with talent:

ben carter bullhorn quote

On making the most of automation:

billy davis engage quote

On scaling up with Bullhorn One:

will hayes engage quote

On creating transparency while integrating tech:

mandy resmondo engage quote

On fostering familiarity with digital solutions:

kyle ketcham

On retaining values in a rapidly transforming industry:

peter linas engage quote

On what makes a valuable acquisition:

david schwartz engage quote

On staffing’s appeal to investors:

gregory netland engage quote

On what to expect when selling your business:

dustin abbs engage quote

On lessons learned from previous M&A deals:

brian waller engage quote

On developing your automation strategy:

vincent devoe engage boston

On building a foundation for automation:

rachel tigges engage quote

On how automation empowers recruiters:

tj mcgoldrick engage quote

On ensuring a successful automation strategy:

martin lopez engage quote

On delivering the ultimate talent experience:

dena campbell engage quote

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