Staffing Blog Round Up: 4 Lessons Staffing Firms Can Learn From the Animal Kingdom


4 Lessons Staffing Firms Can Learn from the Animal Kingdom

Animals may not have to create meaningful candidate experiences or work with an applicant tracking system, but they have inherent skills that every recruiter can learn from. Here’s a roundup of Bullhorn’s latest staffing content you might have missed and some valuable lessons staffing firms can learn from the animal kingdom.

Be Resourceful Like the Elephant

Staffing Blog Roundup

Elephants are reputably smart, but they’re also incredibly resourceful. They’ve been known to use their trunks to pick up objects, alert others to danger, and say hello. Beyond that, they can manipulate tools (like sticks for digging for food) and medicate themselves for different illnesses by finding and eating the leaves of certain trees.

Resourcefulness is important to staffing firms’ success. In order to attract the best talent, recruiters have to stay ahead of the game and use different sourcing strategies to engage new candidates. Utilize new tools, always be ready to refresh your strategies, follow industry leaders for new ideas, and you’ll stay ahead of the competition.

  Adapt to Change Like The Chameleon

Staffing Blog Roundup

Chameleons change colors to adapt to their environment. Depending on their situation, they are able to camouflage themselves to stay hidden from predators, turn a darker color to intimidate other animals, or show patterns and bright colors to attract a mate. Chameleons change colors and adjust to different circumstances as they come up.

Staffing firms too must adapt to what’s new in the industry. Technology and social media are quickly changing the recruiting game. Understanding the market can help staffing firms set growth strategies to make sure they stack up to the competition. Evolving with automation and VMS, as well as staying up-to-date with advances in VMS in order to get the most out of it, can provide value to staffing firms when it comes to driving revenue. Being adaptable to change and staying on top of new technology and trends for sourcing strategies can open the door to new candidates and more placements.

Be Communicative Like the Chimpanzee

Staffing Blog Roundup

Chimpanzees are famously intelligent and are known for their excellent communication skills. Some chimpanzees have even been taught to express their thoughts to researchers and trainers through the use of sign language and symbols.

Like chimpanzees, staffing firms must use a variety of communication skills to figure out how to reach candidates in the right manner. Communication is critical. Recruiters have to communicate with candidates in order to successfully place them, but they must also communicate effectively to grab a candidate’s attention and generate initial interest. Staying in touch with candidates during the hiring process is important, and keeping candidates in the loop will ultimately lead to a positive candidate experience. Be forward-looking and think about what candidates want to know. Communicating those things to them will distinguish you from other firms.

Be Resilient Like The Camel

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The hump on a camel’s back is visible evidence of the animal’s resilience in extreme conditions, as it keeps the animal prepared for harsh environments and little to no food. When food is scarce and the camel needs energy, the fat-storing hump on its back shrinks and becomes soft as the energy store diminishes. As the animal begins to graze and eat again, the hump quickly bounces back to its original, firm state.

As evidenced in these recruiting horror stories, staffing firms have to be prepared for candidates accepting counter-offers, not showing up on the first day, getting fired, and any other scenario that might pop up. Recruiters must be resilient and bounce back from these setbacks in order to move forward with a good attitude for their other candidates.

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Recruiting Blog Round Up

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