Brooksource Moves to Recruiting 3.0 with Bullhorn Reach

The way that jobs are found and filled online is changing and social recruiting has become an effective way to source candidates and engage them in conversation. Bullhorn Reach Team is helping teams of recruiters be more consistent and productive on social networks, while providing managers with control and visibility into the entire social recruiting candidate flow. Brooksource, a leader in technology staff augmentation and project support, implemented Bullhorn Reach Team to help recruiters leverage their social networks and reach a great deal of candidates very quickly.

“If we have the ability to source candidates faster that’s just going to provide more value to our clients,” said Jon Theophilus, Director of Information Technology. “We really look at this [Bullhorn Reach] as just a tool that gives us a great deal of efficiency when it comes to reaching a great number of people.” Watch the video above to learn more about the Brooksource experience with Bullhorn Reach Team. For additional information about Bullhorn Reach, please visit

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