Bullhorn Marketplace Roundtables You Should Attend at EngageX 2021

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We are excited to announce our second year of Bullhorn EngageX, the immersive online conference experience, on June 15th and 16th, 2021. This free, virtual event gives attendees the exceptional Bullhorn, industry, and product-related content you value, all from the safety of your homes. 

The best way to network and interact with our Bullhorn EngageX sponsors, our Bullhorn Marketplace partners, is to attend the EngageX roundtable sessions on Day 2. These roundtable sessions bring together Bullhorn Marketplace partners and staffing industry professionals to discuss critical topics and themes shaping the industry in 2021 and beyond. 

Click here to learn more about EngageX and read on for a summary of the roundtable discussions taking place at EngageX this year:

How a Data-Driven Culture Is Providing the Ultimate Competitive Edge for Large Staffing Companies


Creating and maintaining a culture of fast, confident, data-led decision-making is one of the most significant technological challenges for staffing companies, but one which, when solved, delivers arguably the greatest value.

Therefore, it is no surprise that data-driven staffing leaders actively implement business intelligence platforms that can handle the demands and complexities that come with analyzing a vast amount of staffing data to derive business insights. 

Join cube19 founder Dan McGuire and his expert panel to discover:

  • How well-known brands, including Soliant Health, solved their next greatest data challenge – automating the delivery of real-time insights to every desk in the business. 
  • What data-driven playbooks can turbo-charge new business performance. 
  • Why large Bullhorn customers are opting to purchase desk-level reporting automation from the Bullhorn Marketplace rather than build themselves.

Make Your Marketing Spend Count With Better Results


Recruitment marketing is constantly changing. There are always new ideas or strategies emerging to help you acquire top candidates to grow your talent pool. Automated recruiting software helps you fill in gaps and optimize your sourcing processes.

But, with so much recruitment automation software available, how do you know which tools will provide valuable streamlining and automation for your range of recruiting processes?

Join us for a deep dive into the key strategies you need in your marketing plan to deliver the best results. Our roundtable will cover:

  • What successful firms are using in their tech stacks to get the most out of Bullhorn.
  • The strategies top recruitment firms are using to increase efficiencies.
  • How you can get the most value from your job board spend.
  • How you can leverage job board performance metrics and track for future success.

Buying or Selling? What It Means For Your Tech Stack…

Kyloe Partners

When business change requires system change, it can be a major job. Some companies underestimate the impacts that acquiring a company will have on their tech stack. And for others who go in with eyes wide open, managing this change can still feel like a daunting task.

Hosted by Bullhorn specialists Kyloe Partners, this roundtable will break down the things you need to focus on for reconciling your acquired tech stack into four key areas: process review, data migration, user training, and Marketplace partners. 

Join our panelists as they discuss how they’ve ensured success post-acquisition in real-world scenarios. This is the ideal opportunity to learn from your peers and industry experts so that you can manage the potential impacts of M&A on your company’s tech stack.

Myth-Busting AI: Key Learnings For Staffing Firms


If 2020 taught us anything, digital transformation and AI are becoming more strategically important for staffing firms of all sizes. The question now is: what AI strategy will work for your business? This session will help you separate fact from fiction so you can walk out with concrete and actionable tips from early-adopter staffing firms, as well as the marketplace suppliers working to improve AI for all. 

Attendees will walk away from the roundtable with a better understanding of:

  • What are the most important (read: pragmatic) strategic considerations that you need to tailor to your organization?
  • How to take AI-powered technology from theory into a workable vision and action plan for smaller IT teams (and budgets).
  • What are the myths and potential pitfalls (read: costly mistakes!) you can and should avoid?
  • Designing an AI-based sourcing and candidate processing workflow that fits your organization.
  • What new AI-powered options will be available in the next 2 to 5 years.

A Data-Driven Approach to Winning New Business


As our markets reopen in the wake of COVID-19, leaders are looking to rebound quickly and hit the ground running. To capitalize on the opportunities that exist in the post-COVID world, staffing agencies will need to create more progressive methodologies for business development. And the reality is that when it comes to business development, your biggest advantage is data. 

Join us at Bullhorn EngageX to discuss how you can leverage your data to:

  • Identify the trigger events that will keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • Track and re-engage lapsed clients as they re-establish their own business growth and turns these relationships into profit.
  • Effectively map and uncover all of the opportunities that exist within your client base, as well as revealing paths to diversification.


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How the Rise of Signup Culture is Changing Staffing 


Staffing is in flux now more than ever. Consumer companies have conditioned the world to expect instant results—whether that’s a video on your phone in one click, a rideshare at your door in five minutes, or a red dress delivered to your mailbox in two days.

This is the rise of signup culture, and we’re already seeing a shift in how people are taking this same approach to their work. Applying for a job will become more and more like signing up for a job.

Weeks-long or days-long processes will get compressed further and further. The goal for staffing agencies will be to—whenever possible—make the job hunt as easy as signing up for an Instagram profile. That means that forward-thinking agencies are implementing daily pay, next-day hiring, and online staffing marketplaces so that they’re placing candidates at all hours of the day.

Our roundtable will cover: 

  • Why is the rise of signup culture transforming staffing agencies? 
  • What are top staffing innovators saying about signup culture? 
  • What does signup culture mean for your business? 
  • What can you do in response to be more resilient than ever?

Candidate Engagement: Beyond Recruiting

Prism + Sixcel

The interactions your candidates have with your firm while they are on assignment have a direct impact on their length of assignment and on redeployment – and also a significant impact on your operational costs. Ask yourself – are you looking at candidate experience holistically? How valued a candidate feels is contingent on how smooth the onboarding process is, how quickly and accurately they get paid, and their speed and quality of redeployment. Beyond the candidate’s recruiting experience, how good is your operational experience? 

This roundtable will discuss the operational life-cycle of the candidate in your process from onboarding to payroll/HR. Specifically, this roundtable will cover:

  • Best practice onboarding strategies to ensure a smooth experience for candidate and client: how leading-edge firms are automating components of onboarding to make the experience more human and connected.
  • The intricacies of payroll, what it looks like to get it right, and the cost of getting it wrong, including specific steps you can take to improve accuracy, transparency, and efficiency.
  • Candidate experience trends for candidate retention; specific actions that will improve redeployment rates and candidate NPS while reducing costs

Winning the VMS Race With One-Touch Submittals 

Newbury SI Group

MSP and VMS business is a core part of the staffing industry and continues to grow in terms of adoption and utilization by our customers. Research shows a bias that the first 2-3 candidates submitted for a job order will likely be the ones hired. This necessity for speed is only increased in the VMS/MSP space, where you are competing with many highly qualified staffing firms. The success in time to submittal is no longer measured in days or hours; it is now measured in minutes.

In this session, we will discuss how to utilize the VMS Sync and Herefish tools from Bullhorn to integrate and automate your Order to Submittal process. This best practice will result in a low-touch, high-speed process that will deliver submittals to your MSP/VMS orders in minutes and free your recruiters and account managers to focus on more high-value activities.     

A Needle in a Haystack – Technology-Assisted Talent Management


Since the COVID crisis started, the lifecycle of a job has dropped from 31 days to 14. The number of applicants, however, has doubled in most industries. Adding a further layer of complexity is the fact that many sectors are once again confronted with a skills shortage or disconnect, making it even more difficult to wade through numerous applications to find the talent that actually best fits an open job order. How do you navigate this new reality and get the best applicants in front of your client in an era of increasing competition and fewer internal resources?

Join our roundtable at Bullhorn EngageX to discuss: 

  • Performance advertising strategies that generate high ROI
  • Automating job distribution for efficiency and better results
  • Using technology to help your recruiters select the best applicants before your competition 
  • How to handle a high volume of applicants without hurting your candidate experience 

Can Rec Tech Improve Our Emotional Intelligence? 


The World Economic Forum ranked emotional intelligence as one of the most important skills to have by 2025. It’s also reported that it is responsible for 58% of professional success. In fact, for each percentage-point increase in EQ, a person can add $1,300 to their annual salary. There’s a clear correlation between high EQ and your top billers. 

In a world that’s becoming more AI-driven, our panel looks at the relationship between the rise of AI and how that can affect our EQ.  

The big bang of artificial intelligence is here, and this Bullhorn EngageX roundtable will ask and answer the following questions:

  • How will automation transform businesses? 
  • What is sentiment analysis, and what can it help recruiters achieve?  
  • What impact will transcription technology have on EQ?
  • How does emotional intelligence improve business development?

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