Drive One…

…may just become Ford Motor Company’s next slogan. Faced with a crisis brought on by a sudden surge in gas prices, Ford has taken some radical action for an old established business. Ford has brought in the “A” Team to their Detroit headquarters. James Farley, Ford’s new marketing guy, is known for his ability to break down internal “silos.” He is a team builder who believes in putting only the best players on his team. Everyone on Farley’s team gets involved. This fosters hope, buy-in, and commitment. So what has this got to do with Staffing and Recruiting? We could learn some things from James Farley:

  1. No “silos” …it’s not sales vs. recruiting! It is the whole team’s responsibility to make things happen.
  2. Involve everyone in the companies success. Have a weekly meeting where everyone is expected to come up with ideas, process improvements and leads.
  3. No tolerance for chronic slackers. If they won’t be part of the team…vote them off the island!
  4. Owners and managers…get out and meet with your clients! Find out what more you can do for them; ask for their input to improve your service.

Raise the energy level, eliminate any finger pointing, and raise the hopes of the team. You will grow the commitment level through participation and mutual respect. Then watch your business grow.

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