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Hundreds of Engage 2015 attendees walked away from the conference with practical, viable game plans for the future of their companies. Where did they get the fresh, perceptive ideas they’ll use to boost their companies’ performance? Engage featured 29 expert speakers who hosted over 35 information-packed sessions, giving attendees the tools to excel in the competitive recruiting industry. We’ve compiled the most actionable sessions into The Best of Engage 2015, in which you can find a wide variety of best practices to help you and your company to stand out from the pack.

For instance, Kranect’s Rolf Kramer discussed the role that data plays in competing against large agencies:

  • staffing industry's leaders rolf kramerMake sure to have benchmark ratios for your industry so that you can accurately measure your results
  • Use a good tool religiously so that your data is both comprehensive and accurate
  • Use data for the right reasons, not just to hit your quantitative targets
  • Data is good for employee retention, allowing you to set goals for your employees and measure their impact on your business

RecruitingDaily’s Katrina Kibben walked attendees through the digital experiences that your company can measure in order to maximize ROI in “5 Ways to Hack the Candidate Experience”:

  • staffing industry's leaders katrina kibbenBounce Rate – How many of your site’s visitors are entering and leaving without interaction?
  • Traffic by Source – Where are your visitors coming from? Are you targeting Google users or Facebook users with your website’s design?
  • Network Growth – How is your website’s social media following growing? This can help to focus your attention on where it needs to be.
  • Average Session Duration – Find out how close you are to the 10-minute rule (how long does it take to apply to a job on your site?).
  • Clicks – What do your visitors click on? Optimize your site to focus on areas that work.

And Tallennium’s Tom Becker gave his audience four practical ways to improve the early stages of their recruiting processes:

  • staffing industry's leaders tom beckerIf you don’t have VMS to ATS integration, you should. Without it, you lose valuable days of work.
  • Recruiters should be assigned to each job order. You have 6 hours to submit a candidate, and if jobs aren’t assigned, 6 hours can pass by like nothing, leading to missed opportunities.
  • Job qualification sessions should be held frequently.
  • Resumes should be formatted. Your company should either have a team that does this or an automated process.

For more direct insights into ways to improve both your recruiting process and overall business growth, read Expert Insights from the Staffing Industry’s Leaders: The Best of Engage 2015.

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