For Veterans, Un(Der)Employment Is Frightening

Members of the military are asked to put their lives on the line. But what can feel just as scary is facing civilian life without the skills needed to enter the next phase of their career.

Unemployment Among Veterans
Currently, 6.7% of our veterans are unemployed, with scores more facing underemployed. This is disappointing, not only because veterans have sacrificed for our country and freedom, but also because they harbor the skills, aptitude, and resilience needed to get the economy back on it’s feet. While the Department of Veteran Affairs reported a modest decrease in veteran unemployment in September, there is still much work to be done.

Every November, Sendouts donates and assembles Thanksgiving dinners to deliver to families of service members and wounded warriors through Operation Homefront. It’s one small way we can give back to military members in need.

Lasting Support of Our Veterans

This November, WilsonHGC, a Sendouts client, is launching Operation Transition. This effort is aimed at helping veterans transition into civilian life through resume writing services, skill mapping, and interview tips. Sendouts, a Bullhorn company, is honored to support this effort that has the potential to help veterans not just in November, but for the rest of their post-military career.

How You Can Help
As a recruiting professional, your network is undoubtedly influential. So spread the word about Operation Transition, and encourage the veterans you know to seek out the resources they need to re-enter civilian life with the career tools they require to secure solid employment.

We are humbled by the dedication to service our military exhibits every day, and are excited to help our veterans through Operation Transition, in addition to our support of Operation Homefront this November.

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