Integrating Key Technology Saves You Time, Money, and Resources

As you read in Bullhorn’s 2011 Industry Trends Survey: An Industry on the Upswing, three out of four staffing firms intend to add staff in order to support the additional incoming business they are receiving from existing clients, as well as to acquire and support new clients. Adding net new staff in an industry that has historically high turnover rates creates an added strain on the existing workforce.

There are a number of ways to make this pressure more manageable for current employees, such as; added training and support personnel or increasing focus on automation and process improvement. Integrating key technologies that your firm leverages, streamlines numerous processes. Many of the technologies you leverage daily rely on the same data points: phone systems, email marketing, time cards, payroll, assessments, and background checks all use data points contained within your CRM/ATS. Integrating those technology vendors results in immediate time savings as each technology pulls the data the respective technology needs to do its job for you. Firms who integrate their technologies realize cost savings via the elimination of data entry errors, exporting & uploading of various data lists, and creating bi-directional information availability.

SkillStorm, a Bullhorn customer focused on IT & Engineering Staffing as well as Consulting & Outsourcing, continually looks internally to improve their processes. When SkillStorm replaced their suite of background check and drug screen providers with Talentwise (a Bullhorn Marketplace partner who provides a pre-built integration directly into Bullhorn), they immediately realized $10,000 in direct savings. Additional time savings came via process improvement by having an integrated background check provider, which eliminated the rekeying of information into disparate systems which had previously been collected via fax, mail & overnight shipping.

Prior to leveraging Talentwise, a dedicated resource manually entered candidate information into various background check & drug screening provider systems. Once the background check results were returned, the resource then relayed results back to the appropriate recruiter. By selecting a single national integrated solution, recruiters, regardless of the location of the recruiter, candidate and client, can kick off their own background check without keying redundant information into Talentwise. In addition, they reduce the risk for the clients by providing quality, screened candidates.


According to the Employment Screening: Mitigating Risk, Driving Down Cost Aberdeen report (which I highly recommend reading) quality of hire increases by 7% year-over-year when organizations employ candidate screening. Using Talentwise’s streamlined background check system, they are informed of the results within Bullhorn directly. Talentwise relays results to SkillStorm 15% faster than the previous vendors, and by eliminating a bottleneck in the process, SkillStorm places candidates 20% faster than before. Aberdeen reports that companies like SkillStorm who have a fully integrated ATS and background check system are “79% more likely to be extremely satisfied with their screening solutions”.

In addition, “the integration helps improve the efficiency of the hiring process by reducing time and cost to fill, and improves satisfaction with the screening solution itself”. As you see in Figure 4 from the Aberdeen Report, integration itself improves recruiters’ satisfaction by over 10%, while reducing time to fill by nearly 3% and reducing cost per hire by 4.5%. As SkillStorm continues to move forward, all of the background checks pass/fail results are available within Bullhorn, allowing recruiters to quickly eliminate candidates who have previously failed background or drug screening. The long-term time and cost savings of having background check information available to their recruiters will incrementally continue to increase.

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