Mom Corps on the Today Show

Last week, Bullhorn customer, Allison Karl O’Kelly of Mom Corps, appeared on NBC’s Today Show. There were a few cheers in our office last week as we watched the clip online and saw Bullhorn displayed on everyone’s screen in the Mom Corps office. Mom Corps has done an absolutely incredible job marketing themselves. They’ve been covered on NPR,,,, The New York Post et al. For a company a little over a year old, they are killing it.

We connected with Allison late last summer through a friend: “Art, a woman I know, Allison O’Kelly, has started a staffing company called Mom Corps. They place highly skilled, MBA-type mom’s. Allison is getting good PR on radio and newspaper. So, what’s the going rate for Bullhorn?” They signed up for Bullhorn a few weeks later and we’ve watched their staff nearly quadruple since then. But, it wasn’t until a few months later, when we started getting calls from start-up staffing firms that were offering staffing services to Moms and looking to use Bullhorn. “We’re going to be like Mom Corps”, was the usual refrain. Mom Corps is no doubt on a roll. I’m sure that they would tell you, like most successful staffing and recruiting firms, that their success is due in large part due to their ability to attract great recruiters and sales people. But, what’s unique about them is that fact that they’ve found a truly compelling pitch to their candidate and client base and they’ve supported it every step of the way with an integrated marketing campaign. From their web-site, to their tagline, to their PR strategy, they’ve found resonance with candidates and clients and have leveraged it to build their brand.

There are so few staffing and recruiting firms that focus on this type of marketing. Posting job advertisements on the boards doesn’t cut it. That’s only a small piece of the marketing puzzle. Joe had a posting a few weeks ago about marketing in this industry and I think there’s no better example that proves his point than Mom Corps.

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