Nucleus Research Takes a Closer Look at Bullhorn Pulse


Bullhorn Pulse is a sales acceleration solution that helps companies enhance their sales’ teams interactions with clients so that they can win business faster. But it’s not just for salespeople – it’s also for sales leaders and the members of sales operations teams. Nucleus Research recently conducted an analysis of Bullhorn Pulse and what exactly it can do to improve sales productivity and visibility. After putting Pulse through its paces, Nucleus found that Bullhorn’s sales acceleration tool’s “approach to applying intelligent monitoring to email communications drives greater sales productivity and effectiveness while increasing coaching opportunities.”

Many software tools designed to accelerate and improve companies’ sales processes require manual data entry to work as intended. But Bullhorn Pulse uses automatically generated data cards to identify “any deals potentially in jeopardy [and advise] on optimal next steps to reroute them into wins.” With cards that break down engagement, internal employee efficiency, and the likely outcomes of deals, Pulse will ensure that you’re always a step ahead of the game.

To find out more about the unique value that Bullhorn Pulse provides in a market full of self-proclaimed sales acceleration solutions, read Nucleus Research’s A Closer Look at Bullhorn Pulse.

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