Now Available: 2014 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report

Today we released our 2014 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report – “A Numbers Game.” This year, we took a look at key recruiting industry benchmarks including hit rate, fill rate, time-to-fill, recruiter salaries, agency revenue, most important metrics, and most successful candidate sourcing strategies. The report is based on a survey of 1,337 recruiting agency professionals.

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Over the next several months, we’ll be sharing in-depth data on recruiting industry trends that didn’t make it into the final report, starting with a full breakdown of revenue performance and expectations.

Revenue Performance and Expectations:

2013 was – at least from the vantage point of revenue – a more successful year than 2010, 2011, or 2012, with a full 77% of respondents reporting that they met or exceeded their revenue goals. While a slightly lower number of 36% said they exceeded their agency revenue goals in 2013 compared to 38% in 2012, the 40% who met their goals in 2013 outnumbered the 36% who did so in 2012.

Recruiting Revenue 1

In terms of revenue expectations for the coming year, recruiting professionals are relatively bullish; 88% expect some sort of increase, with 28% predicting more than 25% improvement in revenue, and only 3% anticipate a decline in 2014. This is slightly less enthusiastic than last year, in which 92% of respondents expected to increase revenue, but marginally more people last year expected a decrease as well – 4%.

Recruiting Revenue 2

Examining revenue expectations by size is more telling. For the purposes of the analyses in this report, we segmented staffing and recruiting agencies into four sizes, based on their number of sales personnel and recruiters: 1-10 (small), 11-25 (lower-midsize), 26-74 (upper-midsize), and 75+ (large). Small firms were considerably more optimistic about revenue increases in 2014 than their midsize and larger counterparts, with 31% expecting an increase of more than 25%. However, large firms were the most bullish on revenue growth in general, with 93% of respondents from firms with 75 or more salespeople and recruiters expecting a revenue increase of some kind.

Recruiting Revenue 3

Stay tuned for more industry data and insights in the coming weeks, and download “A Numbers Game” – the 2014 Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report – here:

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