Setting Candidate Nurturing Goals

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So, you’ve decided to kick-off a candidate nurturing campaign for your company. While it’s tempting to dive right in start tinkering, setting goals to track success should come first.

Generally, candidate nurturing helps firms hire talent faster. So an obvious goal would be the time to fill for each job opening. Other goals could include:

  1. Brand awareness
    As simple as asking “Have you heard of us?”. Keep track of yes vs. no to determine how effective your nurturing programs are in establishing a brand connection with candidates.
  2. Call warm leads
    Rather than spinning your wheels calling cold candidates, set up a goal to only call warm, nurtured ones. This can be done by setting a ‘candidate score’ meaning they’ve fulfilled a certain set of criteria and moved to a warm stage in your technology of choice (more on that later).
  3. Generate Referrals
    Now that you are regularly engaging with your candidates with relevant, interesting content, they will start to view your firm as a job hunting resource. You will also be top of mind when their friends or colleagues decide are job hunting.  This may come from them sending one of your articles to them or just flat out referring them to your job site.

We suggest starting with goal setting first because it helps guide content and technology decisions you make later on. When you are building your campaigns, your calls to action, content plan and any other execution-level decisions, you will look back to these goals for guidance.

Of course, like any other goal, make sure you have the tools in place to ensure you are meeting them. This could include mashing up data from your ATS and candidate nurturing software.

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve and how you’ll measure it helps get buy-in from other key stakeholders and keeps the team on track.

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