The Recruiting Metric X-Factor: Candidates Submitted

As this season’s X-Factor gets underway, another reality singing competition strives to find the next big act that has “it” – that je ne sais quoi, the elusive x-factor.

As Simon and Britney judge the latest crop of wannabes, recruiters evaluate candidates and audition talent to find the perfect combination of character and competency to woo their clients – and win their next placement.

To Make a Placement, You Gotta Have Sendouts

Candidates can look great on paper, but getting talent in front of a client stands between a sad paycheck and a placement.

Like those stadiums full of singing contestants – waiting for their chance to be in the spotlight – candidates have to be seen, they have to be heard to make an impression and get the gig.

In fact, client interviews is the #1 factor recruiting and staffing professionals are judged upon by their managers, according to a 2012 Sendouts Recruiting Benchmarks Report.

The “Quality of Candidates Submitted” X-Factor

Quality of Candidates Submitted metric determines how many candidates make the cut between being a paper resume and getting on the sendout stage. So what’s behind the Quality of Candidates Submitted metric?

Quality of Candidate Submitted:

The ratio of the number of resumes submitted to the client before getting a sendout.

What you need to know about your Quality of Candidates Submitted ratio:

This ratio is a balance between providing your client with enough choices to make a sound hiring decision, and submitting candidates that fit your client’s needs.

A high ratio of resumes submitted to sendouts indicates that your candidates aren’t qualified. And if you can’t get a candidate in front of a client, you can’t make a placement.

According the the 2012 Recruiting Benchmarks Report, the average Quality of Candidates Submitted ratio is 4:1.

More Metrics

Sendouts are a big indicator of success for recruiters, but there are several metrics you can track in order to tweak your performance at each stage of the recruiting process.


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