The Top 5 Qualities Needed in an Enterprise Staffing Solution

Enterprise staffing firms have an extensive variety of solutions to choose from, each of which promises to combat the many and wide-ranging issues that enterprise recruiters face every day. But an enterprise recruiting solution must satisfy several important requirements to be considered truly effective. If the enterprise staffing software you use doesn’t have the proper qualifications, you could find yourself unprepared for situations that call for a best-of-breed recruiting CRM system.

  1. The Chance to Try the Platform with a Live Demo Account – All the supposed functionalities of an enterprise staffing software system don’t mean a thing if you can’t see the product for yourself before you buy. Testing out a solution in real-time lets you make a sound decision about whether the recruiting CRM you’re looking to buy is actually right for your business.
  2. True Cloud Architecture – An enterprise staffing solution built with True Cloud architecture has an automatic leg up over on-premise solutions: all users of a cloud-based recruiting CRM can simultaneously receive updates without changing hardware or installing software. The shared software instance at the heart of the system saves time for your firm that might otherwise be spent on slow on-premise upgrades, and saves money for your firm that might otherwise be spent on server space or ownership.
  3. 99.99% Up-Time Performance – The enterprise recruiting CRM that you choose for your agency should always be available when you need it. Industry-leading features and components incorporated into a staffing software system mean nothing for the success of your business if the system isn’t working.
  4. Open APIs to Build and Support Third Party and Custom Applications – A truly excellent enterprise staffing software platform should come pre-configured to connect with applications created by its provider’s partners as well as custom applications that your recruiting firm might already use. Open APIs (application program interfaces) allow for many differentiated business processes and near-limitless scalability so your agency can function at its highest level.
  5. Native Solutions for the Complete Sales and Recruiting Lifecycle – A great enterprise recruiting CRM has a wide range of capabilities to help your recruiting efforts, but the very best systems can be supplemented by other services offered by the same provider. Tasks like onboarding and functionalities like VMS and back office (including time and expense, invoices, and commissions) can all be integrated into a staffing software solution with excellent supplemental offerings.

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