The Times are a Changin’

I consider PrideStaff an early adopter. Not of Bullhorn per se, but of a new movement, a shift away from shrink-wrapped software. It’s a lifestyle change, and with most every lifestyle change it’s not always easy. We have to make sacrifices in the short term to be ahead of those on the shrink-wrapped software ship. That ship is sinking, and I am proud to be part of an organization that is agile enough to respond to those changes.

One of the things I’m often asked about Bullhorn is, “What about when I’m on an airplane? How do I catch up on my email?” Right now I have to tell users that there really isn’t a way to do that. I hate telling users there isn’t a way to do something. I hate it even more when they’re right; when they should be able to do it.

So I did my duty and bugged Bullhorn about it, knowing how difficult of a challenge it would be to create a mini version of our database that sits on a laptop at 30,000 ft. that somehow syncs up with Bullhorn when the user gets to his or her destination. Today, there’s good news. The world is changing to support software as a service. I saw this article online yesterday.

Think about Geoff having five uninterrupted hours to work on core functionality of the Bullhorn product. Think about how much you could get through. You might just have people booking flights to have an excuse to clean out their inboxes.

So, Bullhorn, you’re off the hook (as far as I’m concerned) for creating offline access to Bullhorn. Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be a great feature to have. It’s a great answer to, “What if I don’t have internet access?” But internet access is becoming so ubiquitous that it’s becoming a non-issue. That’s what a service is, it’s always there. You turn on the lights, they’re there. Increasingly, Bullhorn is available everywhere.

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Dan Donathan, Chief Information Officer at PrideStaff, a national staffing organization delivering innovative solutions to the challenges employers face every day. Through a combination of strong leadership at the national and local level, PrideStaff has consistently delivered exceptional service to our clients and field associates. You can contact Dan at

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