Uncover the latest AI insights at Engage Boston 2024

Uncover the latest staffing AI insights at Engage Boston 2024

Engage Boston 2024 will bring together hundreds of staffing professionals for two days of networking and learning about the latest trends facing the industry. 

What is sure to be a topic of conversation during the event? Artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on staffing. From practical strategies for adding AI to your tech stack to a look forward at what staffing AI might look like this year and beyond, there will be no shortage of AI insights shared this year by industry leaders and Bullhorn experts alike.

Check out the full Engage Boston agenda to plan your schedule and the different ways you can learn about and explore AI. To help you get started, we’re sharing the can’t-miss sessions at Engage for those looking to learn more about AI and what you can expect to get out of each of them.

Day 1

The first day of Engage features Tech Talks that explore recent enhancements to the Bullhorn product suite. Attendees can see the latest AI innovations for the native Bullhorn platform and what’s to come in Bullhorn for Salesforce.

Tech talk: Bullhorn Copilot

At Engage Boston 2023, we introduced the concept of leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for things like drafting messages and pitching candidates. This year, we’re turning hype into reality by embedding AI directly into the Bullhorn ATS, putting AI in the hands of recruiters exactly where and when they need it.

Bullhorn’s suite of AI capabilities, Copilot, will transform how you find, engage with, and place candidates. This Tech Talk with our AI product experts will showcase the latest AI innovations and show you how to use AI to improve the entire recruitment process.

Salesforce spotlight: Getting the most out of AI on Bullhorn for Salesforce

With the explosive growth of generative AI in the business world and the recruitment industry specifically, the potential for generative and other forms of AI to transform key business processes in our industry is nearly limitless. 

Executives from Bullhorn and Salesforce will discuss their visions for AI and how customers of Bullhorn solutions on the Salesforce platform can best take advantage of both.

Day 2

During the second day of Engage, attendees will hear more about Bullhorn’s strategic approach to AI, including what we envision the future of staffing AI to look like and how you can start getting value from AI now.

Vision for Innovation

Matt Fischer, President and COO of Bullhorn, and Jason Heilman, SVP-Product, Automation and AI, will show how high-performing firms are already leveraging the latest innovations in AI to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition. 

You’ll hear about the most recent developments in Bullhorn Copilot, our suite of AI capabilities, and see an early look at what we have planned for the future of staffing AI.

Bullhorn Product Roadmap

The Bullhorn Platform—the market-leading staffing management system powered by automation and AI—brings the entire recruitment process together as a single source of truth to ensure maximum efficiency and visibility across your organization.

This session will provide a deep dive into what’s new and what’s coming to the Bullhorn Platform in 2024, including how we’re elevating it with the power of AI.

Beyond the hype: How to build an AI strategy that adds value in 2024

AI is here to stay, and staffing firms need to prepare their teams, business, and tech stack to get the most out of it. But what does preparing for AI actually mean, and where should you start? How should you leverage things like automation and reporting to prepare your entire organization for AI? And how can your team move beyond the hype and start seeing AI as something that can make a difference? 

In this informative and actionable session, we’ll explain everything, highlighting the steps you can take right now to set your business up for long-term AI success. 


Are you looking for more insights on the latest in staffing technology? Join us at Engage Boston 2024.

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